Paul Greenberg Editorial Praises First Lesbian in AR Legislature


Paul Greenberg, editor of the editorial page for Arkansas Democrat Gazette, is at work once more in his usual efforts to promote and/or destroy particular legislators in Arkansas.  Every time a conservative pops up with some good conservative idea like passing laws against illegal immigration, Greenberg brings out his big guns and keeps up the barrage of fire until he scares every conservative into retreating in fear that he/she will be the next object of Greenberg's poisonous  gallons of ink. Ironically, Greenberg has accused  these conservatives of scare tactics in almost every negative article he has written about them.    If you are not familiar with the type of editorials he writes about conservatives, see the quotes below.


BUT, Greenberg can't heap enough praise on legislators who promote homosexuality, illegal immigration, and school consolidation.  On August 26 Paul Greenberg wrote  an entire 600 word puff piece on the "first openly gay legislator in Arkansas," the legislator who was given credit for stopping a bill that would have banned adoption by gay couples in Arkansas.   2  Of course Greenberg never mentions her homosexual lifestyle;  he is much more clever than that.  He praises her exuberantly for giving back a campaign donation in the gigantic  amount of $1,000.  Even Greenberg asks the question, "Why should this be news?" Of course, he gives a good answer for that question but none that gives any clue about the real reason he is praising her.


(Interesting note:  Paul Greenberg's son, Dan Greenberg,  is now a Republican representative and has voted very conservatively.  And years ago Greenberg appeared to be a conservative. Perhaps his son will help undo some of the damage his father has done.)


Compare the following sections of Paul Greenberg articles on conservatives and then a section of his article on Kathy Webb.


When the Gunner DeLay / Jim Holt / Denny Altes types start pushing away the largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority in the state and country by shouting about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ! at every turn, is that Mike Huckabee’s fault ?


When the scaremongers in what remains of the state’s GOP talk about cutting off funding for medical care—even pre-natal care—for illegal immigrants, that’s certainly not Mike Huckabee’s fault; he understands the danger of trying to reduce the Republican Party to an exclusive club of the native-born. Besides, every one of those babies is going to be a native-born American citizen right out of the womb, and don’t you know they’re going to remember how their mamas and papas were treated ?


Talk about an effective way to produce a whole generation of rip-roarin ’ Democrats. Cut off health care for innocent children ? Deny them a fair chance to compete for college scholarships ? No wonder Mike Huckabee famously said he doesn’t drink that kind of “Jesus juice.” Neither do most of us Arkansans when we think about it. Those kinds of ideas just push even more people away from the GOP here in Arkansas. Read entire article at this link:



Following is the first section of his editorial on Kathy Webb by Greenberg.  Compare that to the one above and ones that follow on a couple of conservatives.


You had to know something was strange about Kathy Webb, and not just because she happens to represent the People's Republic of Hillcrest in the Legislature.  And no, we're not talking about the commission on global warming that she got established, or her wanting landfills to recycle Styrofoam.  Never mind her ownership of a popular Asian restaurant and the likelihood that she knows how to eat with chopsticks.


But now Representative Web has gone and done something even stranger, namely refunded a campaign contribution.  Seriously.Turns out, politicians can do that.  It's legal and everything.Who knew?


It seems Ms. Webb turned down $1,000 in contributions from some electric power companies who might have business before her commission on global warming.  Sounds reasonable.  It sounds so reasonable that…hey, wait a second.  Why should this be news?  Isn't it just the right thing to do?  Don't our elected representatives make it a policy to avoid such conflicts of interest?


Sadly, no.  It says something—and not something good—about American politics when a legislator's rejecting such contributions is news.  (EXTRA!  EXTRA!  Ethics spotted in Little Rock). In a better world this wouldn't be news at all.

 (From editorial titled "Strange sighting, An exception to a dismal rule" in Arkansas Democrat Gazette".  No link for this one because I could not find online. 


2nd example of article on conservatives:


As a legislator, Jon Woods (RPhobia ) makes a heckuva gossip. The freshman representative from Springdale was at it again the other day, namely bashing illegal immigrants. That’s been his shtick since going to the Ledge. This time he was talking up a proposal supported by a group called Secure Arkansas. Its purpose: to limit who can receive public benefits in Arkansas.


What benefits ? To name one, in-state tuition for kids who have gone through the public schools in Arkansas and are bright enough to go to college, but aren’t U. S. citizens because their parents brought them here illegally. It’s the kind of mean-spirited and self-defeating idea that appeals to certain voters—the same ones Jon Woods has courted during his short legislative career.


This time he went even further than usual. In declaiming against the criminal element he sees at the root of problems with immigration, Mr. Woods said killings ordered by gang members in Springdale and Rogers had been carried out outside of Arkansas. The gasps of horror from his audience must have been just what he was hoping to produce. The man loves to give voters a good scare, and here he was exposing Gang Central right here in Northwest Arkansas. Read full story at this link:




Arkansas Rep. Kathy Webb stops anti-gay adoption bill

Tue, May 1st 2007, 08:59
Rep. Kathy Webb, a Victory-endorsed candidate in 2006, has been instrumental in stopping a bill that would have banned adoption by gay couples in Arkansas.  Webb, the state's first openly gay elected official, lobbied her colleagues on the State House Judicicary Committee to kill the measure, and many groups involved in the fight say her mere presence on the committee and in the House went a long way to stopping the vicously anti-gay measure.

Another link with similar information about Kathy Webb stopping gay adoption bill on gay blog.


Kathy Webb is an American restaurateur and politician from Arkansas. A Democrat, she is a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives representing the state's 37th district based in downtown Little Rock….A lesbian, she is the first ever openly gay elected official in the history of the state of Arkansas.[2]