Obama Administration to Honor 'Green' Schools That Teach 'Environmental Literacy'

Maryland Now Requiring "Environmental Literacy" to Graduate

State, Federal & EPA Officials Applaud Los Angeles School for its "Environmental Curriculum"


"Next year on Earth Day, the Obama administration plans to announce which US schools have been selected as 'Green Ribbon Schools,' a designation that will 'honor' schools for creating healthy and sustainable learning environments and for teaching environmental literacy," is the first paragraph of an article entitled:  Obama Administration to Honor 'Green' Schools That Teach Environmental Literacy, May 16, 2011.  Toward the end of the article under Energy literacy is this quote:  "The U.S. Energy Department says it intends to 'promote energy literacy' to achieve the Obama administration's national energy goals."   Page 21 of  the US. Energy Department 2011 Strategic Plan.  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-administration-honor-green-schools


Obama's earlier stimulus bill included $100 billion earmarked  for energy grants to states and localities to push his agenda.   Now he is going to brianwash our students by  pushing it through the schools in numerous ways.


Headlines about Obama's Funding for 'Environmental Lieteracy'  below can be found at this link:  http://fundee.typepad.com/fundee/2010/02/surprises-for-environmental-and-sustainability-education-in-the-presidents-budget.html


Surprises for Environmental and Sustainability Education in the President's Budget

The President's FY2011 was released a few days ago, with several surprises for environmental and sustainability education. These unexpected new programs at NSF, DOE and ED are very positive signals from the Administration about their interest in our work...focused on educating for the clean energy sector at universities, community and technical colleges, and K-12 schools...This includes a new $50 million program within DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a $5 million program in DOE's Office, etc.


Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability (SEES) is a major new NSF-wide initiative funded at $765.5 million (a 16% increase over last year).


Interior Department to Invest $70 million in Environmental Education in FY2010  Gains for Environmental and Sustainability Education in Federal FY10 Appropriations  [And these are just a few of the funding amounts]



Maryland Requiring Environmental Literacy to Graduate On February 24, 2011,


"Governor Martin O’Malley commended the Maryland State Board of Education today for approving an Environmental Literacy Graduation Requirement... Maryland citizens and organizations across the state ...have praised the Board for establishing the Environmental Education Instructional Program for Grades Pre-K–12, making Maryland a national leader in environmental education initiatives...


"Under the new graduation requirement, public schools will be required to infuse core subjects with lessons about conservation, smart growth [a major aspect of Agenda 21 and sustainable development] and the health of our natural world...The new requirement will position the State for much-needed federal funding through the No Child Left Inside Act currently before Congress.  http://www.dnr.state.md.us/dnrnews/pressrelease2011/sgg_022411.asp


State and Federal Officials Applaud Los Angeles School for its Adoption of State’s Environmental Curriculum  "The EEI [Education and the Environment Initiative]  curriculum provides a model on how we can cultivate environmentally literate citizens who understand the challenges of the 21st century and are prepared to answer the call for innovative solutions," said U.S EPA Region 9 Administrator Jared Blumenfeld.


Considering the facts that California is leading the way in this environmental curriculum environmental that evolved from the United Nation Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development; the Green Ribbon schools will be promoting energy literacy to achieve the Obama administration's national energy goals; college professors and radical environmentalists are already advocating a 90% decrease in population and a "carless society",  just what kind of propaganda do you suppose will be included in the K-12 environmental curriculum in our schools?.  How many American parents would want their children to be taught this agenda in public schools if they really knew what it is about?  Liberals implement 90% of their agenda through deception and power.


The following letter  to Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education from the Campaign for Environmental Literacy Steering Committee, explains how they do it:


"On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of educational institutions, organizations, students, industry partners, teachers, and administrators throughout the nation who are committed to helping the U.S. find a pathway towards a more sustainable future, we, the undersigned, call upon the Department of Education to create a Green Ribbon Schools Award Program...K-12 green schools provide that foundation...


"K-12 green schools provide that foundation.  At least seventeen states now have green school programs, a dozen states or more have green school building requirements, a dozen or more national NGOs promote or operate green school programs, and nearly all states are creating environmental literacy plans.  We estimate that perhaps 10% of all charter and magnet schools now integrate an environmental theme or focus into their entire school...[ Jonesboro magnet schools certainly promote this]


"Launching a comprehensive “Green Ribbon Schools” award program enables the Department of Education to set a high benchmark for green schools and encourage thousands of teachers and administrators to pursue a “Green Ribbon” in a strategic fashion...


"The Department of Education has done this quite successfully over the past 30 years with the Blue Ribbon Schools award program...Blue Ribbon awards have become quite prestigious and have spurred a great deal of school improvement, and we believe that Green Ribbon awards would do the same...


"A Green Ribbon Schools award program would be a voluntary, consensus-based, national award.  The award would emphasize state-of-the-art strategies in four areas:  1) curriculum, materials, and teacher training; 2) facilities (including energy, water , waste, and indoor environmental quality) and grounds (including school gardens); 3) operations (including food, transportation, building maintenance and purchasing); and 4) community engagement and service learning. The technical aspects of the award criteria would be developed by a team of experts and stakeholders under the auspices of the Department of Education....  


"The primary benefits of the Green Ribbon Schools Award program include: 1) giving a form of permission to those within public schools who need the validation and endorsement from an authority such as the Department of Education to make change within their schools, and 2) making clear the depth and breadth of change needed to become a truly green school..."


And they do all of this with our taxpayer money in the form of grants.  Every penny of Obama's stimulus money, billions of dollars, is being awarded to programs that advance the liberal agenda.   Following is a headline and quote that exemplifies that.


We can only save our country if we become educated on all these issues so we can fight them in our community, state, and nation!


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Posted September 1, 2011

by Debbie Pelley