Can You Believe Arkansas Republicans Voted For These Bills?


This email is sent not to criticize or condemn the Republicans but because we think there is a way we can help prevent these types of votes in the future.  I am not excusing some Republican votes, but I know many Republican legislators are just not informed enough on certain topics, and it is a full time job trying to stay ahead of liberals' sneaky language and tactics.  Liberals market their radical environmental agenda as energy and economic development but hide what they' re really doing.  Eleven energy bills to implement Obama and Al Gore's global warming agenda were passed in 2009 in Arkansas.   Now in  Arkansas, "Energy use in all existing state buildings must be reduced by 20 percent of 2008 levels by 2014 and 30 percent by 2017." 


After reading the list of votes, be sure to see the information on a meeting that could prevent more votes like this in the future.  If you get the picture of how they are implementing so called global warming and  climate change in the state faster than at the national level after two or three bills, skip down to What You Can Do.


1.  HB2460 of 2007  - "To Establish The  Governor's Commission On Global Warming" -  "To Establish A Global Warming Pollutant Reduction Goal and Comprehensive Strategic Plan And For Other Purposes." Sponsored by most liberal legislator in the Legislature, Kathy Webb, the first self  self-avowed lesbian in the Arkansas legislature who was given the highest score by a liberal organization.


Only 3 senators and 4 representatives voted against this bill.  There are  8 Republican Senators out of 35  and 28 Republican Representatives out of 100 in Arkansas. See this list of all AR Senators and Representatives. The Republicans are marked with an (R)


Link to bill:


Results from HB2460 the Global Warming Commission: On October 30, 2008, the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (GCGW) released its final report.  Beebe's Global Warming Commission (Beebe appointed 17 of the 21 members) recommended 54 specific policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   Just 29 of the recommendations would cost Arkansas $3.7 BILLION for the next few years; and critics say that amount is far lower than the real costs. To put that number in perspective, Arkansas' state budget for 2010 is  $4.4 billion.  For detailed account of this information, see the five links given below.  

For information on cost of recommendations, see this link:


The Arkansas Department of Energy touts eleven AR  bills in 2009 that are global warming related, the most critical ones being sponsored and co-sponsored by Senator Broadway (Dem candidate for Lt. Governor) and Kathy Webb (the most liberal legislator in Arkansas).  


The Arkansas Governor's Commission on Global Warming also  adopted a recommendation that no new coal plants be built in the state until carbon sequestration technology is ready. A electricity producing clean coal plant [Hempstead] being built in Arkansas has already been blocked from providing electricity to Arkansans. Obama said, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket ...Because I'm capping [rationing] greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it."  Forty-eight percent  of our electricity is produced by coal. States that have mandates on coal have electricity prices 40% higher than those states without such mandates.


To see the voting record on this bill and the following bills see this link:


2.  Global Warming Resolution:

SCR12 of 2009 – "A Resolution Regarding Transitional Climate Change Policy." Sponsored by liberal Steve Bryles and co-sponsored by seven of our eight Republican Senators and one Republican Representatives:  The following excerpts (just a taste of what is in the resolution)  are taken from this resolution.


“[T]he Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming has recognized the role of national legislation and coordination in reducing greenhouse gas emissions....the issue of global climate change presents a challenge to the welfare and economy of current and future generation in Arkansas and around the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions would be economically beneficial to all states and countries.” [Even liberal Democrat Dingell said the national Climate Change Bill would be like a hugr tax on everyone.]  Link to the bill: 


3.  SB921 (Act 1372) of 2009  "To Create The Sustainable Building Design Program For State Agencies And For Other Purposes."  Sponsors - Senator Shane Broadway and Rep. Kathy Web. Link to bill:   Link to bill:


Sustainable building also means "Green Building")  This bill is very short and almost like a shell bill, purposely done I think so it can be filled in any way global warming advocates see fit.  The word "sustainable" is a code word for global warming projects.  Liberals can use it and know exactly what they are talking about while the ordinary person still understands sustainable in it traditional meaning. Arkansas is well ahead of most of the states in this movement.


Not one senator or representative voted against this bill – Wonder if the fact that the most liberal legislator in the Ar Legislature co-sponsored it should have been a hint.


Following are excerpts by Tom DeWeese who has been studying sustainable development for 12 years:  "The language is being changed and manipulated to quietly implement a very destructive policy. One outlined in a UN soft-law document called Agenda 21, first revealed at the UN’s Earth Summit in 1992. The working name is Sustainable Development…. In short, it has become a code word for an entire economic and social agenda. .. exact language and tactics for implementation of Sustainable Development are being used in nearly every city around the globe from Lewiston, Maine to Singapore…Read More:


See this link for voting record.


For complete explanation of these bills by Broadway in Arkansas see these links: and's%20zero%20energy%20home.htm


4.  SB440 To Extend Task Force on Sustainable Building Design.

Senator Shane Broadway teamed up with the most liberal legislator in Arkansas and sponsored several global warming (or climate change) bills in 2009 that kick the can along toward the wacky environmentalists' goals. Back in 2005 Broadway sponsored a bill that set up the Legislative Task Force on Sustainable Building Design and sponsored  SB440 to extend that Task Force in 2009. (Not one Senator voted against this bill in 2009 and only 4 Representatives voted against it.)  This task force works hand in hand with Beebe's Global Warming Commission.   The committee has about three legislators on it, and about ten people who are non-legislator members, probably strong advocates of global warming that  point them in the direction the national leftist environmentalists are going.


See this link for the bill:

(Not one Senator voted against this bill in 2009 and only 4 Representatives voted against it.)  See this link for voting record.


5. HB1663  (Act 1494) 2009 sponsored by Webb and Broadway mandates standards for the Sustainable Energy-Efficient Building Programs in buildings owned by public agencies and buildings owned by institutions of higher education. "Within five (5) years after the effective date of this act, the Arkansas Energy Office shall have completed an energy audit of every public agency." [Wonder how much that will cost and if there will be as many boondoggles as there was when they completed an audit of every school building in Arkansas, a bill also shepherded by Broadway.]


Not one senator or one representative voted against this bill

See this link for voting record.


6. HB2260 (Act 1196) 2009 sponsored by Representative Web requires "a city or county that issues building permits for new building construction to adopt more restrictive codes, and for other purposes.


One Senator voted against and we actually had 10 out of 28  Republican Representatives to vote NO on this one and 5 Republican Representatives Not Voting which is considered a soft No.

Link to voting record:  .


Link to bill:


7. Senator Broadway sponsored three or four bills in 2009  financing global warming projects.  (A) SB584 for $300 million called the "The Energy Cost Savings Projects Financing Act Of 2009. (Yeah, Right - cost savings.  Liberal US Rep Dingell was caught saying the Climate Change  Cap and Trade bill  would be like a big tax on everyone, and Obama said it would cause electricity to skyrocket)  Died in Committee  (B) SB746 - 15 million  (C)  SB 747 for $20 million. (These three bills were co-sponsored by Kathy Webb.  There is another one I am suspicious of by Broadway (SB745)  for $300 million for development of technology to go to the  Economic Development Commission that I think works hand in hand with the Global Warming Commission and  Sustainable Task Force, but we are not positive  about this one being connected to Sustainable Design. (This will just be a drop in a bucket of what they will spend.  Broadway's first bill for Facilities was a $10 million for a study that resulted in $2.5 billion to $4.5 billion.  Global Warming Commission has already recommended $3.7 billion for just 29 of their 57 recommendations.


Not one senator or representative voted against SB746 for $15 million.

Not one senator or representative voted against SB747 for $20 million.

Link to voting record:  .


Links That Will Give You Complete Explanation of  These Bills


 Broadway for Lt Gov Voting Record - Zero Energy Dream Home's%20zero%20energy%20home.htm 

 Broadway's Global Warming Legislation 

How Obama and Ar Gov. Beebe Are Weaning Us Off Cars 

J'boro Joan Cash' Voting Record, one of worst in the state - See Her Global Warming Dream Car 

 Picture Beebe & Broadway flanked by environmentalists signing  legislation  


What You Can Do


There is more but this should be sufficient to get the picture.  The states are putting climate change, global warming, Cap & Trade bills in our states faster than they can get it done in Washington, in little old Arkansas.    We are in trouble; and if this type of voting continues among the Republicans our country is still headed for economic disaster regardless of who wins in November. To prevent this, we must educate ourselves and help our Republicans understand the hidden agenda behind these types of bills.  Here is how we can do that.  Below is an invitation for legislators and candidates to hear a conservative national expert on global warming legislation, sustainable development, and the 21st UN agenda this Thursday, Oct. 21.  There is an invitation for the public to a similar meeting on Friday, the 22nd. 


Please forward this email to your legislators, city and county officials or any candidates in your area and tell him/her you are forwarding them an important email and ask them to read it and attend the meeting on Thursday.  Share with them whatever you feel like sharing or just tell them about the email and forward it to them.  Then try to get as many of your friends as you can and bring them to the meeting on Friday.   We can only win this battle if we stay informed and get our legislators informed.  If you feel like you can do nothing but forward the email to some of these, then please do that and forward to all your friends.   







Founder and President of Freedom Advocates







THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.









Hilton Little Rock Metro Center

925 South University Avenue, Little Rock


The Thursday legislative summit is designed just for the Arkansas legislators, candidates, state, county and city officials and will not be open to the press or the public. We will take a look at some of the bills that will be coming up. This will give you an edge in the next session. If you are a candidate or legislator, please set aside this day for the constituents in your district. Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance.


The meeting on the following day, October 22, will be open to the press and public.


Michael Shaw is this nation's leading expert on UN Agenda 21 and your participation is vital. Secure Arkansas has gone to a lot of expense to fly this attorney in from California. 


Mark the date on your calendar so that this does not conflict with your busy schedules.


Please RSVP to



 This article can be read online at this link:'s%20voted%20for%20these%20bills.htm













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