All Republican Senators and 41 Representatives Voted More Conservatively

Than Did Senator Gilbert Baker, AR Candidate for US Senate

Gilbert Baker received the highest score of all Republican Senators in the Senate by a liberal group, Citizens First Congress.  This liberal group rated all senators and representatives' votes in 2009.   A high score means the senators voted with the liberals.  For example, Joyce Elliott received the highest rating, 94.4%. Therefore,  Baker voted more liberal than all the other Republicans  in the Senate.

There are just 8 Republican Senators in the Arkansas Senate.  Ten senators received lower scores (voted more conservatively) than did Senator Gilbert Baker. Two of them were Democrats and another Democrat received the same score as Baker.

In the House, 41 of the Representatives received a lower score (voted more conservatively than did Gilbert Baker)  Thirteen Democratic representatives received a lower score by the liberal group (voted more conservatively)  than Senator Gilbert Baker.

Information taken from this link,  page 42 & 43 Citizens First Congress  - a Liberal Group