Which Republican Candidate running for US Senate relies on endorsements from John Brummett and from Arkansas Democrat Gazette in his fundraising letter?

Doesn't the fundraising brochure below  suggest how out of touch Baker is with the true conservative component of the Republican Party? For Baker to think that John Brummett's and the Democrat Gazette's endorsement will win him votes?

It may  take several moments for the scan of the fundraising brochure for Senator Gilbert Baker to load.   Se the quotes below the picture if the picture doesn't come up quickly.


























"He has a demonstrated ability..to attract conservative Democrats."

 - John Brummet, 9/2/09


Arkansas Democrat Gazette


"Senator Baker...[has] the connections and the know how to get the job done, andyears of criticism behind him to show for it.  If we all learn from our critics - and we should if we're listening - then Gilbert Baker's picked up the equivalent of a couple of Ph.D.'s in political science.

Editorial, 10/30/08


These are not exceptional endorsements so evidently Gilbert Baker thought John Brummet and the Democrat Gazette's approval would influence citizens of Arkansas.