Obama's EPA Regulations Destroying Economy & Depriving Citizens of Necessities

The EPA Is Threatening Our Food Supply - Threatening To Regulate Dust Generated By Farming - & More

This Issue Is As Important As The Debt Ceiling & Is Getting No Media Attention


Below is a E-Newsletter sent out by US Senator Roger Wicker that gives some background on this issue and a letter to the editor on the subject of depriving Citizens of Necessities.


Roger Wicker

US Senator For The State Of Mississippi

E Newsletter

EPA's Attempt to Side-Step Congress

Since President Obama took office, the federal government has expanded at an alarming rate.  The failed stimulus and Obamacare are two prime examples, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also been at the forefront of this effort.  The EPA's proposed policies could lead to higher energy and food costs for all Americans and stifle economic opportunity at a time when we should be promoting job creation.


Preventing a New Energy Tax

During the last Congress, environmentalists proposed a tax on carbon known as cap and trade to force Americans to use less energy.  Because electricity rates would have soared, I helped block efforts to impose this tax.  Now, the EPA wants to expand existing regulations and create new barriers for domestic energy through administrative rules that would side-step Congressional action.  These rules amount to a backdoor cap and trade scheme.


Higher electricity rates impact families and businesses alike.  These costs would put U.S. workers at a disadvantage to our overseas competitors who are not subjected to the same energy costs and government regulations.  The level of federal overreach by the EPA is unprecedented in scope and takes no consideration of how these newly imposed requirements will impact jobs and the American economy.


Clean Water Act Abuse

In addition to energy oversight, the EPA is also seeking greater jurisdiction over waterways around the country.  The agency wants to classify small waterways and drainage ditches on farmland as "navigable waters," so it could regulate them.  I recently joined other Senators in writing to the EPA Administrator questioning the agency's new interpretation of the Clean Water Act.  This change, we wrote, "will significantly expand federal control of private lands."  This unnecessary expansion takes power away from states and could lead to an increase in litigation for families and businesses.


Other Attempts at Overreach

The EPA has also threatened to begin regulating dust generated by farming.  Farmers and ranchers would be forced to limit the effect of dust created by their agricultural production, and communities could be required to pave or treat dirt roads.  Mississippi's farmers are already struggling with rising prices for fuel, feed, and fertilizer.  Unnecessary EPA regulations threaten to send costs even higher. [See Documentation and quotes  on the attack on farmers below]


Unfortunately, the EPA is not the only part of the Obama Administration promoting more government involvement.  The President's nominee for Commerce Secretary, John Bryson, has advocated the national cap and trade energy tax and larger federal role for industries.  The primary mission of the Commerce Department is to create jobs, but Mr. Bryson's ideas could have the opposite effect by adding burdensome red tape in this already fragile economy.


Limiting the Administration

To help stop this overreach, I have co-sponsored the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which would require Congress and the President to approve all new major rules before they can be enforced.  Major rules would be those that have an annual economic impact of $100 million or more.  Last year, 100 such rules were finalized by the Executive Branch without Congressional oversight.  Preventing unnecessary and burdensome regulations from going into effect is an important start to reining in the EPA and the rest of the Administration.  I will continue to oppose the dramatic expansion of power for the Executive Branch and work to repeal much of what has already been imposed. (End of Wicker's E-Newsletter)


Obama's EPA Regulations based on Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are destroying businesses and depriving citizens of necessities across the nation.  Unfortunately the Debt Ceiling debate was providing cover while some of these regulations were being implemented. Below is a letter to the editor I wrote that was published August 3 in the Democrat Gazette (but with key elements of the letter I sent in omitted) that is typical of numerous regulations.   It is not enough that our government  is taking a major food staple, corn, and converting it into an alternate fuel , and exploiting us with skyrocketing electricity prices - both of which increase the price of groceries exponentially;  but now they are going to starve us through directly regulating agriculture.


Two headlines recently caught my attention:    "Hundreds endure heat for help in paying electricity bills" and "EPA tells coal-fired plants:  Reduce pollution or shut down."  While thousands across the nation are suffering triple digit degree weather, many with utility bills already shut off; Obama is busy increasing the price of electricity. 


American Electric Company in Ohio reported: "Because of the unrealistic compliance timelines in the EPA proposals, we will have to prematurely shut down nearly 25 percent of our current coal-fueled generating capacity cut hundreds of good power plant jobs [600 with annual wages totaling approximately $40 million], and invest billions of dollars [$6 to $8 billion] in capital to retire, retrofit and replace coal-fueled power plants...said  Michael G. Morris, AEP chairman."


Remember Obama said,  "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."   Obama is governing by the motto "Never waste a crisis."  Higher electricity prices are a hidden tax that promote Obama's  plan of  redistribution of wealth  since some of us will pay for our own higher electricity bills while also paying taxes to pay for those who can't afford them.


Hillary Clinton said in 2009  (on You Tube)  at the European  Parliament:  "I'm actually excited by this opportunity [the economic crisis] . but the chief of staff for President Obama is an old friend of mine...he said, you know, never waste a good crisis, and when it comes to the economic crisis don't waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security."


And the Democrats claim to be the party of the poor.  Debbie Pelley


Obama's EPA Attacking Farmers - Documentation:


On Monday, the American Farm Bureau Federation and other groups presented oral arguments before a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's National Ambient Air Quality Standards on particulate matter under the Clean Air Act.  AFBF, the National Pork Producers Council and National Cattlemen's Beef Association provided additional argument and answered questions about their claim that EPA does not have legal authority to regulate agriculture dust in the Clean Air Act.



The US Department of Transportation (DOT) To Bring Farm Equipment Under Their Guidelines

Farmers To Keep Logs like Truck Drivers

US Department of Transportation (USDOT)  News Releases, July 21, 2011


A key principle of the Obama Administration is that the best public policy comes from bringing the most people to the table. Although USDOT doesn't have a long history of working with the agricultural community, it's time we rolled up our sleeves together and got started.  Source: USDOT News Release, July 21, 2011 http://www.farm-equipment.com/pages/Industry-News---US-DOT-Seeking-Comment-on-Proposed-Regs-for-Farmers-Use-of-Public-Roads.php


Today, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack met with farmers and ranchers in Iowa to discuss EPA and USDA's joint efforts to ensure that American agriculture continues to be productive...  "Agriculture is part of the foundation of the American economy. EPA's mission to safeguard clean air, clear water and productive land is a critical part of sustaining farming jobs and productivity, and it's vital that we communicate and work together on these issues we share." 



These quotes fit the saying, "We are the government and we are here to help" - just like they helped with the gas prices, the skyrocketing electricity, the job market, and other governmental controlled endeavors.  Here's a look at some of the things the federal government has proposed "to help" the farmers according to an article from Pennsylvania:



Age restrictions: No one under the age of 18 will be able to drive a farm vehicle, including implements, with a combined weight of more than 17,000 pounds. [Even on the family's private property.  This will be very expensive for the small farmers who will have to pay adult wages for one or more employees to take the place of young men who are operating farm vehicles.  Some farmers will not even be able to survive  with these additional costs.  


Driver's logs: Drivers will be subject to similar hours of service as trucking companies. Those standards include break time and keeping a log of driver's activity. [Such as truck drivers have to keep farmers will spend valuable time doing paper work.]


Medical certification: Drivers must receive a valid medical certificate to determine if they are physically qualified to drive. Drivers of farm vehicles weighing more than 17,000 pounds will also need a certification whenever the truck is operated more than 150 miles from the farm. [Logs would have to be kept to determine this]


Vehicle inspection: Farmers will be required to conduct pre-trip inspections and complete written post-trip safety reports. 


"The move by the DOT appears to be "legislation through regulation." By reclassifying all farm vehicles and implements as Commercial Vehicles, the federal government will now be able to claim regulatory control over the estimated 800,000 farm workers in America, at the same time, overriding the rights of the states.


Earlier this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began to define crop-share tenant farmers as "for-hire" carriers and implements of husbandry as "commercial motor vehicles." The "for-hire" designation for crop-share tenant farmers would have a dramatic effect on farmers because it voids exemptions from the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) program and would require a minimum of $750,000 in insurance coverage for the farmer."



Wisconsin Farm Bureau Opposes DOT Changes Regarding Farm Trucks:



Note: The EPA Regulations are based on so called "global warming" and based in Agenda 21, and  Sustainable Development.  Agenda 21 is a United Nations  plan of action produced by the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Following are some links that explain Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.


http://www.newswithviews.com/DeWeese/tom145.htm - Tea Parties Cannot Win Back The Republic Without This Information

http://www.newswithviews.com/DeWeese/tom137.htm Part 1 -  America is drowning in a sea of rules and regulations, particularly under the guise of "saving the environment."

http://www.newswithviews.com/DeWeese/tom138.htm  Part 2 -  Perhaps the most egregious action item offered in the Urban Environmental Accords dealt with the topic of water. Action item number 19 called for adoption and implementation of a policy to reduce individual water consumption.


More emails on EPA Regulations and Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development will follow in the next few days.


Posted August 4, 2011