Almost All Democrats Refused to Answer the Survey

by Family Council



Letter to Editor, November 1, 2012


Candidates Missing In Action


It would be interesting to see how many Arkansans really know their candidates’ positions on the issues. One excellent resource to determine that is at Family Council’s survey of Arkansas candidates. Interested voters can go to where they can simply click on the tab “races” to examine the views of the candidates in their area. The guide is a nonpartisan look at issues that legislators are likely to be faced with during their terms of office.


Each candidate was called at least three times and sent a minimum of three letters and three emails to get his or her response. According to a spokesman from Family Council, some non-respondents were contacted up to 15 times in order to get their responses on the questionnaire.


When I went to the website to examine the candidates in our area, I found that a number of Democrat candidates had failed to respond to the survey.


Why? Are they in agreement with the national Democrat Party on issues such as same-sex marriage, publicly funded abortion and Obamacare?


Why wouldn’t they be crystal clear about their positions on issues so that voters can make an intelligent choice? Voters might want to check out the Republicans’ answers to the survey, since they were willing to put their views on record.


The following Democrat candidates in our area failed to answer the survey:


• Butch Wilkins, candidate for state representative, District 59 — (opponent Jon Cooper, Republican).


• James Ratliff, candidate for state representative, District 60 — (opponent Ronald Cavenaugh, Republican).


• Harold Copenhaver, candidate for state representative, District 58 — (opponent John Hubbard, Republican).


• Mary Broadway, candidate for dtate representative, District 57 — (opponents Wes Eddington, Republican, and Ronnie Spence, Independent).


• Sen. Robert Thompson, candidate for state Senate, District 20 — (opponent Blake Johnson, Republican).


• William “Zac” White, candidate for state Senate, District 18 — (opponents Missy Irvin, Republican, and Paul White, Independent).


• Scott Ellington, candidate for U.S. Congress, District 1 — (opponent Rick Crawford, Republican).


Jane Tims