I, myself, know these senators to be just what Nic Horton wrote about this endorsement today:  "Today, Jonesboro Senate District 21 candidate John Cooper announced he had received the endorsement of seven sitting legislators. In my estimation, these lawmakers are some of the most conservative, most respected members of the legislature — and every single one of them voted against the 'private option' version of Obamacare expansion." From article by Nic Horton with The Arkansas Project.


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Cooper Endorsed by Conservative Legislators 

“I will join these legislators in fighting for reform”


JonesboroJohn Cooper, candidate for State Senate, District 21 released the following legislative endorsements today:


“I appreciate the support of fellow conservatives from around the state,” said Cooper.  “Our government is at a crossroads.  We can continue to grow and spend at a rapid pace, or we can fight for reforms that limit spending, give more local control, and create good paying jobs.  If elected, I will join these other conservative legislators in fighting for the latter.”


From State Senator Bryan King, District 5


“John has demonstrated a commitment to conservative values. On issues like Obamacare, tax reform, and reducing the state budget, John doesn’t have to think about where he stands.  He is grounded and principled. Someone I look forward to serving with in the Senate.”

From State Senator Gary Stubblefield, District 6


“It’s not every day that you come across a candidate as well versed on the issues as John Cooper.  John’s knowledge will make him a valuable asset in the Senate on day one.”

From State Representative Terry Rice, District 21


“John is a good conservative who knows where he stands on the issues.  His vote will help us reform state government.”


From State Representative Joe Farrer, District 44


“The more conservatives we have in the legislature, the more successful we will be at stopping government growth.  I support John because I know he is a true conservative.”

From State Representative John Payton, District 64


“John is a solid individual.  I believe he will do what is right rather than what is convenient.  His vote in the legislature will be important to conservatives across the state.”


From State Representative Josh Miller, District 66


“I’ve known John Cooper for a while now.  He has always been supportive and encouraging to conservative candidates.  With John, this is not about ego, it’s about doing what’s right.  Even when he disagrees, he finds a way to explain his position without anger.  We need more like him to serve the state.”


From State Representative Justin Harris, District 81

“Having John Cooper in the Senate will be very helpful for those concerned about the future of our healthcare system.  John will bring conservative solutions to the table that will not include mandates and higher taxes.”


Link to entire article by Nic Horton (I would recommend reading it) http://www.thearkansasproject.com/cooper-receives-endorsements-from-republican-legislative-all-stars-niell-receives-non-endorsement-endorsement-from-democratic-sheriff/



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