While conservatives have been battling liberals on issues like Obamacare, Right to Life, and 2nd Amendment protections, GOP candidate for Senate seat:


Chad Niell

·       Held fundraisers for liberal democrats in the election of 2012.

·       Contributed to liberal democrats in the 2012 election - $2,000 to Dustin McDaniel for one.

·       Voted in the Democratic Primary in 2012, AND


While a member of the Republican Party, Niell was working against the values he was supposed to be supporting. He gave money to Copenhave (D),  to defeat lst Republican in J'boro in 135 yrs.


Stated, “I am not going to do anything to embarrass you”Niell was recently fined $21,000 recently for operating a segment of his business without a license. (Bookout was fined $8,000 and resigned the seat Niell is seeking)


“You have people that run with a conservative voice, but they don't vote that way.  And I am not going to just be a conservative voice; I will be a conservative vote. 

 (Just how does this statement by Niell square with contributing to liberals and voting in the dem primary? When will Chad begin to vote with a conservative vote since his voting record has been with liberal Democrats? Will he suddenly change after he is elected?) Liberals voted along party lines to kill ten  abortion bills in the legislature in the last session. (remember Chad helped to elect them!!)


Dan Sullivan

·       Has not attended Craighead County Republican Party meetings and apparently is not even a member of the CCRC.

·       Contributed  financially to liberal democrats in the 2012 election  and sees nothing wrong with it because he was quoted as saying, “That is just the way we do business.”

·       Voted in the Democratic Primary in 2012,  AND


Sullivan ran an ad that stated, “There comes a time when it no longer matters if you're a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative"  (If the years of the Obama administration has taught us anything, it is that this is a patently false statement)


John Cooper

·       Has never contributed money to Democrats. Hasn't voted in a Democrat Primary since about 1996 & has unwaveringly supported Republican efforts to turn Arkansas red (Republican).

·       John supported and worked for conservative issues long before running as a candidate:

·       Strongly opposes abortion and works for pro-life issues.

·       Strongly opposes gun laws and restrictions and is member of NRA.

·       Strongly opposes government control, government regulations, and growth in state employees.

·       Strongly opposes high taxes and believes a 3/4 majority should be required to raise taxes.

·       Strongly opposes AR Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Private Option and is the only candidate of the seven standing firm on this issue all during this campaign & even before this race.

·       Strongly opposes Obama's Common Core standards in schools.

·       John Cooper is a true conservative!!! And an ordained minister.

There are seven people running for District 21 Senate seat,  but you only have one shot at voting for a true conservative!!! The voice and votes are identical.


Vote Early at Election Annex on Jefferson Tues thru Fri (8 to 5 o'clock) or Vote Oct 8