Is GOP Candidate Dan Sullivan Receiving Democrat Crossover Votes in GOP Primary Special Election?


I just learned that many votes  (maybe close to half) in the early voting in the first two days of the GOP special primary election for Bookout's seat were probably cast by Democrats and probably crossover votes. When the Democrats can't win an election, then they do everything possible to pick the GOP candidate.  So we conservatives had better get out the vote.  Early voting continues through Friday of this week and then continues on Monday, Oct 7, but will be closed on Saturday. Election day is October 8.  


The candidate most likely to get Democrat votes would be Dan Sullivan because he has appealed to the Democrat vote. You will also notice that Chad Niell has made several negative attacks on John Cooper but none on Dan Sullivan.  It appears that John Cooper is running against Chad Niell and Dan Sullivan, two against one. Cooper is probably not getting many of the Democrat votes in the GOP primary!  That is unless we have a great many converted Democrats in which case he would do VERY well because he is the true conservative Republican in this race.) 


Below are four points as to why I believe Dan Sullivan is pulling Democrat votes in the GOP primary. Detailed explanations and documentation are given after the points.


1. One of Sullivan's earliest political ads in in the Jonesboro Sun (Sun, Sept 15, page A-10) said, “There comes a time when it no longer matters if you're a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal or Conservative"   


2. Dan Sullivan is a lobbyist for health groups, and his financial report shows Sullivan has raised $44,175 in a 30-day period.  Most of his contributions come from businesses outside District 21, many health related businesses which will probably profit greatly because of the Medicaid Expansion bill passed in Arkansas that will include an estimated 250 thousand more people on the Medicaid roles in Arkansas. Eleven of Sullivan's contributions were for the maximum donation of $2,000, and eight with $1,000 donation or more, and thirteen with $500.00 donations.  That doesn't leave much room for the common citizen's input. (See more explanation of contributions from Sun article today and on the Medicaid Expansion bill, and how to look up Sullivan's financial reports below under documentation #2)


3. I have reason to believe that Dan Sullivan was recruited at the state level because he would not oppose the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas.  Arkansas was one of the only states in the South to pass Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion 'Private Option' even though the Supreme Court said states did not have to do so.   All Democrats voted for it, along with some so called "moderate" Republicans; and there is a push now to defund it in 2014.   In the beginning, John Cooper was the only candidate saying he opposed the Obamacare AR Medicaid Expansion 'Private Option' and to say he would vote to defund it.  (In interviews early on Sullivan was asked about the Private Option.  The question and answers are below as well as a letter to the editor on Sullivan's views.)   See this link for quotes on the Medicaid Private Option by Sullivan, Niell, and John Cooper.


4. Dan Sullivan, as principal of South Elementary School in Jonesboro, suspended an 8-year-old boy for three days for pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, "Pow, pow."  This made national news headlines. Only Democrats, and not all of them, could approve of such action.  (Excerpts from newspaper and a letter to editor are included below.)


Documentation for points above - the numbers match the points above.


    1. Quote from Sullivan's political ad, Jonesboro Sun, Sunday September 15, page A-10


    2.   Dan Sullivan admits he is a lobbyist and explains how he lobbied for health groups in his speech at Landlord's Association Sept 9, 2013.  The transcript of the speeches by Sullivan, John Cooper, and Chad Niell can be found at this link:


To find Sullivan's financial reports and contributors and amounts follow these directions: Go to the Secretary of State website: Click on: “Elections” (middle of page). Click on: “Search Financial Disclosure” (in bulleted section). Look for “Quick Search” and type in the name of the legislator (and nothing more - in this case Dan Sullivan) whose financial reports you want to view. When the Campaign Contributions Expenditure Report list comes up, click on the PDF beside the month you want to view and scroll through it (in this case it will be the top one), clicking next for each page of entries.


If you don't know anything about the Medicaid Expansion private option plan go to this link for a guest editorial I wrote on it that summarizes it.


Excerpt from Sun editorial today, October 3, 2013 "The next biggest fundraiser, Republican Dan Sullivan, donated $8,608.86 to his campaign and raised $44,175, according to his Oct.1 campaign finance report...Sullivan's top contributors, many of whom hail from outside District 21, include: R. Danette Stewart, retired, Norfork, $2,000; Dawn Mitchell, a licensed counselor, $2,000; William Wolters M.D., medical practice, Germantown, Tenn., $2,000; Dr. William Wolters, Germantown, Tenn., $2,000; Deborah Wolters, homemaker, Germantown, Tenn., $2,000; Arkansas Counseling and Psychodianostics Inc., an Arkadelphia, $2,000; Families Inc., $2,000; Family Counseling & Diagnostic Clinic Inc., Forrest City, $1,000; Mark Haney, software sales, $2,000; Life Strategies of AR LLC, West Memphis, $2,000; Bill Phillips, Conway, consultant, $1,000; Hope Behavioral Healthcare, Cherokee Village, $1,500; Kim Blythe, Lake Cormorant, Miss., homemaker, $1,000; Habilitation Center Inc., Fordyce, $1,500... " page 4


    3. Dan Sullivan and the Medicaid Expansion Private Option - See this link for quotes on the Medicaid Private Option by Sullivan, Niell and John Cooper.


Nic Horton's interview with GOP candidate Dan Sullivan:

Nic Horton: “Last question: you mentioned health care several times. I know the ‘private option’ is a big question for a lot of candidates out there and a lot of voters. Where do you stand on the ‘private option’ at this point?”

Dan Sullivan: “That’s done. And I’m not going to look backwards. I think I’ve found a lot of questions: ‘Would you have voted for it? Would you have voted against it?’ I’m going to look forwards. Uh...we need to advance what we have. We need to move the ball down the field and...trying to figure out how I would’ve made call in the...historically, in the past, doesn’t help us advance the ball...


Nic Horton: “So, as the private option stands right now, you support it going forward?”

Dan Sullivan: “Well I think we’re going to, uh...that’s going to be the question coming up. We just don’t have all the information yet. I think, ya know, when October gets here, people will start to sign up for that. It’s going to make it more difficult, not less. We’re hearing — things are going on in businesses right now, uh, with workers’ hours cut. Businesses having to lay people off just over the health care. I think there will be a lot of information that comes out between now and, uh, February, that are going to impact how we respond to that. But again, I’m not prepared to say I’m going to respond one way or the other without the information there.”


For rest of very interesting interview with Dan Sullivan and more interesting ambiguous answers see this link:


 Letter to The Editor, Sept 21, 2013 in Jonesboro Sun, (printed by permission of writer).

Medicaid expansion

This letter is in response to the recent letter in The Sun written for GOP candidate Dan Sullivan, one of the GOP candidates running for former senator Paul Bookout’s vacated seat ("Sullivan will lead," Sept. 13). That letter clearly indicates that Sullivan favors the Arkansas Medicaid expansion legislation, which will increase welfare benefits to 250,000 more Arkansans.


The writer says Arkansas has very little power in dealing with how Obamacare will affect the state, saying the repeal should be done at the federal level. He closes his letter, which is filled with misinformation, by saying, “you have to understand the issues.”


However, the Supreme Court ruled that the states have a great deal of power and gives them the option as to whether to expand Medicaid. Fewer than half the states have expanded Medicaid under Obamacare; but with the Private Option, Arkansas has expanded Medicaid by approximately 250,000 new enrollees, if their figures are not grossly underestimated as usually happens.


Does GOP candidate Dan Sullivan “understand the issues” better than legislators in those 27 states that refused to expand Medicaid? Many states expanding Medicaid are liberal: California, Vermont, New York, Maine, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, etc. Arkansas stands alone on the map as passing Medicaid expansion among the 12 surrounding southern states that have not jumped on the Obamacare train.


The writer stated if Arkansas refused to cooperate with the federal government, there would be a reduction in funding for federal programs. However, the Supreme Court said specifically that the federal government could not reduce the money now allotted to the states for Medicaid if the state refused to expand it.


It is true that the federal government will fund a large portion of the Medicaid expansion in the beginning if the economy doesn’t go bust, but then the states pick up more and more of the tab later. That federal money for Medicaid Expansion is taxpayer money and will finish destroying our economy and pocketbooks — and add to our $17 trillion dollar debt.


Yes, Medicaid expansion is a complex issue; and evidently Dan Sullivan and the writer of this letter have little understanding of it.

We need another state senator who will vote against funding Medicaid expansion in the 2014 session and help the other 27 states fight Obamacare.

John Cooper is the only candidate who came out against Medicaid expansion (a huge increase in a welfare program) from the beginning and has remained solid on that issue and transparent on other issues as well.

Vickie Harrison, Jonesboro


Sullivan has said at later dates in certain places that he does not support the Medicaid Expansion Plan Private Option, but he has been consistent from the beginning to the end that he would not defund it if it were not separated from the DHS budget, and that probably won't be possible so that gives him an out in 2014 to straddle the fence and not to vote to defund it.


     4.   Newspaper article quote below about Dan Sullivan as principal of South Elementary School suspending a boy for pointing a chicken finger at a teacher and saying, "Pow, pow."


Boy Suspended for Pointing Chicken finger Quote from article below.
January 31, 2001

    JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) An 8-year-old boy was suspended from school for 3 days after pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, "Pow, pow, pow."
    The incident apparently violated the Jonesboro School District's zero-tolerance policy against weapons. The boy was suspended last week.
    Kelli Kissinger, mother of first-grader Christopher, said she believed the punishment was too severe.
    "I think a chicken strip is something insignificant," she said. "It's just a piece of chicken. How could you play like it's a gun?" 
South Elementary principal Dan Sullivan said he was prevented by law from discussing Christopher's suspension.  Another link to the story:


Letter to editor on this subject of Dan Sullivan suspending 8-year-old for chicken finger gun.

September 26, 2013


I wonder where GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan actually stands on gun control. Sullivan made national news a few years back when he, as principal of South School in Jonesboro, suspended an eight-year-old boy from school for three days for pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, "pow, pow, pow." 


Sullivan is quoted as saying that the punishment for a threat, "depends on the tone, the demeanor, and in some manner you judge the intent. It's not the object in the hand, it's the thought in the mind."


Such an extreme measure for such a young child should make one question how a candidate really feels about guns.  It also makes one question the common sense of such an administrator and now GOP candidate for Bookout's vacated senate seat - and just what kind of laws such lack of common sense would produce.


I can't help but remember all those years where children yelled, "pow, pow, pow" while playing  cowboys and Indians and other such games with authentic-looking toy guns - not just a mere chicken finger gun - with no ill effects.


I also take issue with Sullivan's statement in his paid political ad, "There comes a time when it no longer matters if you're a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal, or Conservative." How can anyone deny that liberals oppose second amendment rights and strongly support divisive social issues like abortion, homosexual marriage, global warming, and extending state term limits? 


Votes on all these controversial issues will be influenced by a senator's conservative or liberal philosophy. It seems that Sullivan, as a candidate, is straddling the fence on several issues - not a good omen for what he will do if he gets elected.


Bryan Luster, Jonesboro


This document written by Debbie Pelley

Posted Oct. 3, 2013