I understand how this Jonesboro Sun editor feels because it makes the editor  look like he is a liar if he does not give the proof, so he had no choice but to defend himself. GOP Candidate Chad Niell's  (for Bookout's seat) statement about the newspaper lying WAS circulating in the community. Niell did about the same thing to four other newspaper reporters on the Medicaid Expansion Private Option. See the paragraph in red font at the end of the article for this information. It shows a real lack of political skills to do this to four newspaper reporters across the state besides showing lack of ethics.  I don't share these things because of personal reasons;  I just want to help save our country and our state and want the best candidate to win the Senate seat.

Excerpts from Jonesboro Sun

http://www.jonesborosun.com/opinion/story.php?ID=45879 Link will be good for about a week if you have a subscription.

Candidates don’t get to rewrite what they tell newspaper editors

I’d like to give readers my unvarnished take on Thursday night’s candidate forum for the District 21 Senate seat, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those who weren’t in attendance or able to watch on Suddenlink Channel 24...


I admire all seven candidates for stepping up to seek the post, and I wish each of them the best in their efforts to win the seat.

Steve Rockwell said he couldn’t make the forum because of a previous campaign fundraising commitment. District 21 constituents are less informed for not hearing his stand on the issues...


I’ll give Niell credit for attending the forum, especially since he initially turned down our invitation. He said in an email it was his and his wife’s anniversary, and they would be out of town.


I’m glad he changed his mind. Voters got a much better picture of who Chad Niell is.


I got a clear impression of Niell last week when he came to my office demanding a correction to the editorial I’d written in that morning’s newspaper. In that editorial I said I was disappointed Niell and Rockwell declined our invitation to the forum. I also mentioned that Niell said during a visit to our office the previous Friday that he was spending $100,000 on advertising for his campaign, so he apparently didn’t see the need to attend the debate.


Niell was upset. He said he was going to attend the forum, that he never said he wasn’t, and that he never said he was spending $100,000 on his campaign.


We have a return email from him declining our invitation. I heard him personally tell our managing editor that he wouldn’t be attending and that he was spending $100,000 on his campaign. He’s told a number of other folks in the community the same thing.


Maybe what Niell really wanted was to backtrack and retract his statements... You don’t get do-overs, and you don’t get to recreate what you said.


I was also disappointed to learn that Niell had talked to several individuals around town about how I had misrepresented his statements in my editorial — that he never said he wasn’t participating in the forum and wasn’t spending $100,000 on his campaign. End of excerpts from Jonesboro Sun. 

Quote from Another Article: Talk Business columnist Jason Tolbert wrote last week that “Niell has not yet made a decision on the private option and is still reviewing the law.” Democrat-Gazette reporter Mike Wickline wrote Monday that Niell “wants to read the measure before taking a stand on it”; last week, Wickline wrote that both “Niell and Sullivan said they need more information on the so-called private option before they take a stance on it.” Was Niell really suggesting that he’d been misrepresented about the same matter in the same way in three different news articles? More precisely: had Niell actually been triply misrepresented about the “private option,” or was it just that he eventually realized that his three prior remarks were politically inconvenient?http://www.thearkansasproject.com/niell-on-private-option-i-cant-tell-you-how-i-wouldve-voted-before-and-i-cant-tell-you-how-im-going-to-vote-right-now/ Niell On 'Private Option:' "I Can't Tell You How I would've Voted Before, And I Can't Tell You How I'm Going to Vote Right Now.

I, Debbie, too reported information about Niell's stand on the private option and lo and behold the night of the Craighead County Meeting when the three candidates spoke, Niell stood there and adamantly said he opposed the Private Option and would vote to defund it (as if there had never been any question about it.) GOP candidate Dan Sullivan (who has been all over the map on this issue) did the same.   That left me wondering if people thought I had lied when I reported Niell's  and Sullivan's stand on Medicaid Expansion as reported in the papers and live interviews. I highly value my honesty.  I am sure our newspaper editor feels the same.   That is why I am including the above paragraph and the links below.   Debbie Pelley

Other links to candidates' statement on Private Option

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