Convention of the States HJR1003 Bill of 2015

Otherwise known as Constitutional Convention


I know there is massive disagreement among conservatives, Tea Partiers,  and legislators on this bill.  I have studied it and have piles of arguments against it.  I will just concentrate on a few common sense questions and major points bulleted below and the proof that liberal organizations are also calling for a Convention of the States – a new constitution is the liberals' DREAM!  For status of the bill see this link:


Included Below:


Link to HJR1003 of 2015 -


Common Sense Arguments:


1.  Say we do get the amendment to the constitution just like true conservatives want it.  The President and Congress have flagrantly violated almost every part of our constitution in the last several years.  What guarantees will we have  or what are the odds the President, the Supreme Court, or  bureaucrats will adhere to the new amendment any more than they are now adhering to the Constitution?   So why gamble with an amendment when there is nothing wrong with our constitution as is. If it's not broken, don't fix it.


2.  We hear a great deal about how there will be restrictions on the delegates, and they will have to do what they are told, represent the people who sent them. Remember these delegates will come from all states not just conservative states.   If this election and mandate for legislators in Arkansas  to vote against the Private Option doesn't wake us up, what could wake us up as to what delegates to the Convention of the states might do?  There will be 50 times the pressure on the delegates, thousand times more money offered, and extensive threats against the delegates themselves, as well as their spouses and children just as Scott Walker experienced when he stood against the unions. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime for the Democrats to fulfill their dream of changing our Constitution. For delegates to stand against such odds as Scott Walker did is a chance in a million.


3.  In 2009 it was the Democrats in Little Rock who were pushing for the Constitutional Convention or Convention of the States.


4.   The deception the delegates will have to deal with will be MUCH greater than in Little Rock.  The liberal media will be hammering the public with all kinds of distortions and will frame the issues.


5.   Everyone knows that the liberals would love nothing better than to officially change our written constitution. Language may be so convoluted that even those delegates who want to do the right thing will not recognize when they slip language in to suit the liberals' agenda. 


6.   Delegates from liberal states will be present as well as conservative states.


7.   About 32 Republicans Voted Against A Conventional Convention of Any Kind  in 2009 (Names listed below)


Quotes by Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger and Supreme Court Findings  Tom DeWeese article May 2010.

“And there is more legal proof in support of the argument that delegates are not bound by any instructions or resolutions from the states. First, of course, is the famous letter written by former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger to Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum. In the letter Burger writes, "...there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the convention to one amendment or to one issue, but there is no way to assure that the convention would obey. After a convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the convention if we don’t like its agenda. The meeting in 1787 ignored the limit placed by the confederated Congress..."


“And there is more legal documentation...The following is the collection of findings regarding the unlimited power of the delegates attending a Con Con. (From Corpus Jurus Secundum 16 C.J.S. 9) “The members of a Constitutional Convention are the direct representatives of the people (1) and, as such, they may exercise all sovereign powers that are vesting in the people of the state. (2) They derive their powers, not from the legislature, but from the people: (3) And, hence, their power may not in any respect be limited or restrained by the legislature. Under this view, it is a Legislative Body of the Highest Order (4) and may not only frame, but may also enact and promulgate, Constitution. (5)” The footnote numbers after the citation quoted reference the particular cases from which the citations were made. (1) Mississippi (1892) Sproule v Fredericks (11 So. 472); (2) Iowa (1883) Koehler v Hill (14N.W. 738); (3) West Virginia (1873) Loomis v Jackson (6 W. Va. 613); (4) Oklahoma (1907) Frantz v Autry (91 p. 193); (5) Texas (1912) Cox v Robison (150 S.W. 1149).”


Clearly, the position put forth by Fruth, and ALEC, that state legislatures can pass a resolution dictating the rules of the Con Con is simply wrong.  


Quotes from AR bill in 2009 calling for rescinding vote for call of Constitutional Convention


Below are quotes from a bill ( HCR1022)  that almost all Republicans in the House voted for in 2009 (see names below)  that “rescinds its application for the calling of a constitutional convention for any purpose because “legal experts believe...the call of said convention, would have within the scope of its authority the complete redrafting of the Constitution of the United States, as well as for other stated reasons. The Democrats killed the bill. (In other words the Democrats wanted to call the Convention of the States, not the Republicans.   Title of the bill in 2009: To Rescind The Previous Application By The General Assembly To the Congress of the United States That It Call a Constitutional Convention To Propose An Amendment to the Constitution To Balance the Public Debt.” This bill had about 15 Republican sponsors. Link to the bill: 


WHEREAS, many legal experts believe that a convention, notwithstanding whatever limitation might be placed upon it by the call of said convention, would have within the scope of its authority the complete redrafting of the Constitution of the United States, thereby creating a great danger to the well-established rights of our people and to the constitutional principles under which we are presently governed; and


WHEREAS, the Constitution of the United States has been extensively interpreted and has proven to be a basically sound document which protects the freedom of all Americans; and


WHEREAS, there is no need for a new constitution, the adoption of which  would create legal chaos in America and only begin the process of another two centuries of litigation over its interpretation by the courts; and


WHEREAS, such changes as may be needed in the present Constitution of the United States may be proposed and enacted by the well-established methods of amendment contained therein,





THAT the General Assembly does hereby rescind its application to the Congress of the United States made by the General Assembly in 1979 by House Joint Resolution 1 pursuant to Article V of the Constitution of the United States for the calling of a constitutional convention for any purpose,


List of Republicans Voting Against Constitituional Convention or Convention of the States:

Almost all Republicans voted for this bill to rescind the call for Constitutional Convention in 2009 (see list below)  but the Democrats killed it. 52-32 (Long before we had the number of Republicans we have in the Legislature now.)  See this link for votes: 


Baird, Barnett, Betts, J. Burris, Carter, Clemmer, D. Creekmore, Dale, Dismang, English, Garner, Glidewell, R. Green, Greenberg, Hobbs, Hopper, D. Hutchinson, Kerr, King, Lea, S. Malone, M. Martin, Moore, Perry, Pyle, Ragland, Reynolds, Rice, J. Rogers, Sample, Slinkard, Stewart, Summers, Wells

So what has changed since 2009?


 Proof that liberals also are promoting a convention of the states or constitutional convention.


Soros in Vermont: Leftist billionaire behind state’s call to keep money out of politics (at this link which is still good

By Bruce Parker  /   May 6, 2014 [Note how Wolf Pac is used in this article funded by Soros.


Below this article see quotes from Wolf Pac website.


MONTPELIER, Vt. — Despite the Legislature’s intent to keep money out of politics in Friday’s vote for a constitutional convention, the move was a victory for billionaire George Soros, whose financial backing of The Young Turks and Wolf PAC helped influence state lawmakers.


George Soros is the billionaire behind the Young Turks and Wolf PAC, two prominent groups that seek to end corporate money in politics through a state-led constitutional convention.


“In Vermont we were told it was impossible...but actually we did win on the Senate floor, and it was because volunteers from all across the country called in to constituents in Vermont, who then called their representatives. Now it has passed the Vermont House — this is a huge moment,” Cenk Uygur, founder of Wolf PAC, said during a weekend broadcast of the Young Turks.


Since its formation in 2011, Wolf PAC has led the push for a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would undo Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations, organized labor unions and others to donate money to campaigns. ["Citizens United" Supreme Court decision is considered to take away many of the advantages of the Democrats so the Dems are terrified of it.  See this link to a liberal site which calls the decision terrifying and quotes Obama's opposition to the decision. ]


Uygur’s Young Turks program, which promotes Wolf PAC’s agenda, is part of a George Soros-funded network of nearly 70 progressive media outlets — the Media Consortium — that includes AlterNet, Mother Jones and Democracy Now. According to the Media Research Center, the Soros media empire reaches more than 300 million people each month


Below are Quotes from Wolf Pac (the liberal organization funded by billionaire George Soros that are almost identical to the talking points made by conservatives for a Convention of the States at this link:


Our Ultimate Goal: To restore true, representative democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Legislators to pass a much needed Free and Fair Elections Amendment to our Constitution.  There are only 2 ways to amend the Constitution. (1) Go through our Federal Government  (2) Go through our State Legislators via an amendments convention of the states. 


Wolf PAC believes that we can no longer count on our Federal Government to do what is in the best interest of the American people due to the unfettered amount of money they receive from outside organizations to fund their campaigns...


Step 1:  Believe 

Convince enough people to believe that we absolutely have the power to change our country for the better and that it is still possible to have a government of, by, and for the people in the United States.


Step 3: Focus 

Once we have found those states that are the most receptive to joining this battle with us we will focus our time, effort, and money on them until we get that vital and historic first state to call for an Article V. Convention. 

tep 6: Enforce

Once an amendments convention has been called we will continue to put pressure on the delegates to craft a strong and lasting Free and Fair Elections Amendment that will preserve our democracy for future generations.  There will be so much media attention at this point due to the historic nature of the event that no delegate would dare propose an amendment that the vast majority of the country does not agree with.


Liberals would love to see Republicans snatch defeat out of victory once more!  To change the Constitution is their DREAM!


 Other Links:

"Soros-Funded Lefty Media Reach More Than 300 Million Every Month"  "ORGANIZATIONS FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS AND HIS OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE" There is a short description of each of these organizations that will show you how liberal George Soros is. There are way over 100 organization funded by Soros listed in this article.


The Texas GOP’s State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) approved an anti-constitutional convention resolution at their December meeting. The resolution said in part: 


WHEREAS, Any convention called under the authority of Article V of the U.S. Constitution to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution will be a “Constitutional Convention” regardless of any title or labels attached to it, such as Constitutional Convention, Con-Con, Compact for America, Convention of the States, or any other label;


 Constitutional Convention — We strongly oppose any constitutional convention to rewrite the United States Constitution. We encourage the Texas Legislature to rescind its 1977 call for such a convention. We call upon other states to rescind their votes for such a convention.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014 - Title of article: "Texas GOP Leadership Passes Anti-Constitutional Convention Resolution"


Written by Debbie Pelley


Posted February 20, 2015 by Women Action Group