Research on Broadway's Sustainable (Green) Building Design Legislation (And Opinion)

Broadway's Voting Record #3


I would suggest reading the article, "Senator Broadway and Obama's Zero Energy Dream Home"at this link before reading this article.'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm


Senator Broadway, the Democrat running for Arkansas Lt. Governor in 2010, sponsored and co-sponsored several bills in 2009 that would be very pleasing to the United Nations, President Obama, Al Gore, President Clinton and Gorbachev - but not so pleasing to Arkansans.  See list of bills by Broadway and short description toward the end of this email  with links to the bills. I included part of the research items in the beginning and then my concenrs and then picked back up with the research - hopefully to keep readers from getting bogged down in the research.  And if you have trouble believing any of it, please check the documentation in the footnotes.)


Broadway sponsored Senate Bill 921 (Act 1372) in 2009, "To Create the Sustainable Building Design Program For State Agencies."  Unless one understands the meaning of those words, the bill looks innocent enough except for the fact that the bill creates another government program that will require no one knows how many more government employees and more bureaucracy - and basically cuts out legislative oversight of the program. The "success" of other government programs should have been enough to defeat the bill; but unfortunately it passed, along with Broadway's other similar bills. 1


The key word to understanding the bills Broadway sponsored is "sustainable."  Below are some facts that explain its meaning and connection to international standards and to the United Nations. ("Arkansas" is highlighted in red font so you can tie in Arkansas with the national and international movement on this issue.)  Below this list is a list of my concerns.






§         "The Arkansas Energy Code shall mean the most recent edition of the International Energy Conservation Code." Taken from "Arkansas Building Authority Sustainable Building Design Program Procedures June 1, 2010," This building authority is the organization that is implementing the sustainable building design that is mandated in Broadway's bill. 8




My Concerns


I believe global warming is an unproven science. It is interesting to note that fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming. Thirty-five percent (35%) say it’s Very Likely. 


I reject the premise that climate change is a problem that requires massive government intervention to solve.  Even if I thought global warming was a real problem that man could solve, I would have no confidence in the government to solve it since they have spent so much money and  had so many failures in trying to solve other problems.  I believe the green building design (sustainable building design) is, like the health care bill, a very costly designed program to take freedom away from citizens and give more power to the government.”  Most of us just don't understand construction enough to prove all the problems as we do with the health care bill. 


And if global warming is a real threat – a theory that the majority of people reject – why would anyone think the government would be able to fix it after all their other failures with health care, education, banking business, and housing market, etc.?  The government did not invent the light bulb, the telephone, and all the other modern inventions that one by one met the needs of society. Private enterprise, capitalism, and individual ingenuity did that.  If alternative energy is necessary, the market could  meet those needs much more effectively and cheaper than the government ever could.


Alternative energy and materials are just not developed enough for the government to move to such stringent energy standards. For just one example, an average-sized house in California a solar system carries a price tag of about $30,000 and often contains problematic chemicals. See this link:  And just this week papers reported that, " The newest fire station in Fayetteville, touted as the "greenest" ever built in the city when it was opened in 2008, has been shut down while officials decide what to do about an infestation of mold." 

I also know college teachers, working in retrofitted green buildings, that have complained of chronic illness (mostly allergies) since the buildings were renovated.


Green building proponents talk about how the energy saved through the life of the green buildings will repay the initial increased cost of the building.   I believe that about like I believe the Health Care bill will save us money.  Several years ago, I witnessed the building of a very modern newly designed building, the Jonesboro high school, and I also witnessed how they had to replace the ineffective heating and air conditioning unit and practically rebuild the structure through the years.

Fayetteville High School is preparing to build a "green" high school that costs $110 million (more than the Muslim Mosque planned for New York City and more than double other recently built high schools in the Northwest). Included in that cost is "LEED certification" and "new State building standards. I wonder how much those have added to the cost of the building. In 2005 Broadway co-sponsored a bill that recommended the LEED certification.


"Buildings in the United States, in their production and use, consume an estimated 40-65% of our national energy total."  If the liberals can prescribe the requirements for buildings, they have put in about 50% of their global warming (climate change) agenda. The Cap and Trade bill that also deals with global warming failed to get through the Senate because it was considered to be so expensive that it would be damaging to our economy.  Even Congressman Mike Ross and Senator Lincoln opposed the Cap and Trade bill, saying it would hurt Arkansas.   So how can a program to reduce energy in the structure and use of our building not be so costly as to hurt our economy?


Broadway's SB921 is only two pages and says the Sustainable Building Design program will be administered by the Arkansas Building Design Authority.   The bill is almost like a shell bill (purposely that way, I believe) so he could make it look like  it was an innocent piece of legislation and  can be filled in with anything the administration would so desire.  SB921by Broadway does make it clear that the state will be controlling ALL state agency buildings by requiring them to use the "sustainable" building design. Five years ago HB 2445 (Act 1770) was passed just "encouraging" them to do so, also co-sponsored by Broadway. What will come next? (  - 2005 bill)


In a companion bill to Broadway's, Representative Kathy Webb gives the Arkansas Energy Office authority to "Promulgate rules and regulations for the purpose of (B) Requiring a city or county that issues building permits for new building construction to adopt the 2004 Arkansas Energy Code for New Building Construction, as it existed on January 1, 2009.   Go to this link to read all about that.

I wonder how anyone will be able to afford a house that meets the environmental nuts' standards.


Broadway's Connection With Leftist Agenda


So why would Senator Broadway want to push through an expensive anti-global warming initiative during such an economic time as this?  Most Americans overwhelmingly believe legislators should focus on the economy instead? Seventy-one percent (71%) say the bigger priority for U.S. national leaders is stimulating the economy to create jobs. Only 15% say they should focus instead on stopping global warming to save the environment.

(Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming



And why did Senator Broadway team up with Kathy Webb, the legislator having the most liberal voting record in the entire legislature and the first openly self avowed lesbian in the Arkansas legislature, to pass several bills on "sustainable" building design???  (Webb is most liberal legislator confirmed by a liberal organization in Arkansas - Webb received a 95.6% while the lowest scores given were a 33.8.) page 42 & 43 Citizens First Congress


I believe Broadway did so because he is a true liberal Democrat who is working with Obama and other leftists in Washington. (Note the bullet point below how Broadway's bill ties in so well with President Clinton's.   His bills will buy him political capital with the powerful Democrats. Broadway has in the past and is now using all the same tactics the leftist liberals use – deceiving the public until the policies he wants is so entrenched there is no turning back.


In my research, I found that only a few northern and eastern states have passed government controlled  legislation similar to Broadway's  and none of our surrounding southern states have done so.  Arkansas has been on the cutting edge of these liberal programs for years now – perhaps   because we have more Democrats in this state than in all the surrounding states, and the Washington Democrats push our Democrats to implement their agenda.  When Broadway sponsored the bill (SB7) in 2004  that provided the $10 million dollar study to determine the amount of money needed to provide adequate school facilities (with a resulting figure of $2.3 to $4.5 billion), only ten other states had acquired such control over the schools.


After all, the media always protects the liberals. How many articles have you seen the last few years on sustainable building design or green buildings or on this particular legislation? 


More research points:








§         The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) [Stimulus bill] of 2009 provided Department of Energy funding through the Arkansas Energy Office to the William J. Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative in Arkansas for the establishment of the State’s first employer-assisted energy benefit program. (Arkansas Energy Office of Economic Development Bulletin. 19






Bills relating to Sustainable Building Design (global warming energy bills) that to my knowledge Broadway sponsored or co-sponsored – all but one of them were sponsored and passed in 2009:



Footnotes on Bullet Points:  Link to picture of the net zero energy house:


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Also see these two links for further information on Broadway Voting Record:  "Obama and Broadways Net Zero Energy Dream House"'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm and "Thirty-One Reasons To Defeat Broadway"


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