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Shocking Pornographic Children's Sex Education Books

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Summaries of Twenty Shocking Books

 in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library


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Excerpts from 35 Shocking Books

in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library

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      Laurie Taylor  found SHOCKING, sexual explicit books in her  elementary and middle school libraries at Fayetteville, Arkansas - books encouraging pornography, masturbation, and sexual experimentation. The three  books are:  It's Perfectly Normal  for 3rd to 6th grade and    It's So Amazing  for  2nd through 5th both written by Robie Harris and The Teenage Guys Survival Guide for 9-12  by Jeremy Daldry.  Psychologist Dr. Warren Throckmorton reviewed It's Perfectly Normal and the other two books found in Fayetteville, Arkansas library at her  request. He says some of the materials may actually be illegal, considering that they urge children to use pornography. Below  is  the link to six of the pictures found in these books.   We regret having to post them but evil today is so ugly that opponents can't even bring it out in the open publicly by the media. 


       SHOCKING  pictures  and excerpts from the books, some of  which show people engaged in sexual intercourse.   Link to Shocking Pictures  May take a short time to load. There is no way to get the impact of the books (for 2nd-6th  graders) without seeing these pictures.


       Here is a link to story on this matter from Agape Press.  


      This is another link to article in Arkansas  state paper by the liberal press who blasts a conservative state senator, Jim Holt for taking part in this battle against these books.  Holt  won 44% of  the vote in Arkansas against tan entrenched liberal Democrat Blanche Lincoln last year.    He spent $100,000 and she spent $6 million.  The media loves to bash him.  This article from the liberal media says: "The dictionary says lewd means sexually unchaste or licentious, obscene or vulgar. Lascivious is defined as lewd (see preceding sentence) or lustful. Few would agree that these well-meaning books fit those definitions. These books aren’t prurient, they’re responsible...  The discussion is frank, but it’s laced with humor.  See pictures at above link and judge for yourself and see if you find them humorous and responsible. (Remember some of  them are designed for 2nd graders)  


    There are many things wrong with these books but among the most disturbing are recommendations for teenage boys to secure pornography to aid in sexual arousal and to fantasize about adults, including teachers. One of the books informed students that homosexuality was considered an exalted form of love by ancient civilizations.


     Laurie Taylor would be glad to discuss this material with anyone who wishes to contact her. Her  e-mail is:  


      For a link to the story in Northwest Arkansas Times, March 10, 05  with beginning paragraph "An appointed committee has ruled against a parent’s complaint that a sex education book should be banned from the Fayetteville Public Schools’ library system." see this link:


     Another book found in Fayetteville Library that will give you some clue as to the type of  material Laurie Taylor objects to is Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez recommended for 12 years and up.  The first two paragraphs read:


     "Do you realize," Nelson said, hoping into a pair of freshly washed jeans, "it's my third date with Jeremy and we still haven't had sex."  I'll call the Guiness Book of Records," Kyle mumbled as he searched Nelson's jumbled sock drawer for a matching set. "You're going to wait til after your HIV test, right?" 


      You can go to this link which is the Fayetteville online catalog and find the book is on the shelf.  Or go to this link and go to title and type in Rainbow High.  You can type in the name of  any book to see if  they have it in the library at this last link.


       Following is a review of  the book:  "Sanchez's debut novel chronicles the senior year of three gay teens struggling with issues ranging from coming out to first love to an HIV scare. Nelson and Kyle stand up to their principal for the right to form a gay-straight alliance at their school, and Nelson has unprotected sex with a stranger he meets online. Ages 12-up. (Oct). " Review found on at this link


      For this shocker,  go to Fayeteville School Library on line at and type in Doing It -  look at the cover on the book that is also in the Fayetteville library.  For a few paragraphs of  the opening of  this book see below.  Be prepared for smutty language of  the worst kind.  Also see review below:

Opening paragraph of  Doing It by Melvin Burgess in Fayetteville School Library which one review said was for 12 years age and up.

“Okay,” said Jonathan.  “The choice is this.  You either have to shag Jenny Gibson—or else that homeless woman who begs spare change outside Cramner’s bakers.”

            Dino and Ben recoiled in disgust.  Jenny was known as the ugliest girl in the school but the beggar woman was filthy.  Her teeth!

            “You are so gross,” said Ben disgustedly.

            Jonathan acknowledged the compliment smugly and nodded.  He was the King of this...”At least they’re both female,” said Dino.

 “And you have to do oral sex on her, too.”

“ You never said anything about oral sex,”  said Ben.

            “Oral sex until she comes.”


Review of  Book "Doing It"

Melvin Burgess, author of Smack, has written what is potentially the most controversial young adult novel ever. Doing It is an honest and funny book about three teenage British boys learning about themselves and life through their sexual experiences. But here's the catch: the story is told from the point of view of the hormone-sodden young males, naughty bits and all.  ,,, Ben finds himself steeped in a dilemma of a different sort. His 20-something drama teacher chooses him to be her secret sexual playmate... And Ben is living every teenage boy's dream, an affair with a lusty teacher--but somehow it's getting to be too much of a good thing.  Link to this from Amazon:

To find this book (or other controversisal  book) on and get reviews of  it, you go to and type in the title.  When the book comes up, click the title and it will give a quote and after the quote and  will say "more"  You can then read several pages from the book.  This is a helpful technique for looking up controversial books. They also have underneath the book different reviews and even pro and con reviews by people who have read the book.

For 20 more summaries of  books in Fayetteville Library go to this link:

Summaries of Twenty Shocking Books

 at Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library















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