I took the pictures off because I did not want anyone to misunderstand the intentions for the pictures.  They were posted in order to help people understand how bad the books for children were in an effort to get the Fayetteville, AR school to take them out of their library, but they refused to do so.


Pictures and Excerpts From Sex Education Books in Arkansas School Libraries Below

(most are from books designed for 2nd through 6th grade)


Link to Sign Petition Opposing Pornographic Library Books

Contact Person: Laurie Taylor laurie@mtconstruction.com


(For explanation of  these pictures and for link to summaries and excerpts from 55 horribly obscene, explicit, pornographic  books in Fayetteville School Library , go to this link:


    The Arkansas Democrat Gazette editorial, "Sex and school libraries",  June 6, 05, says, "The dictionary says lewd means sexually unchaste or licentious, obscene or vulgar. Lascivious is defined as lewd (see preceding sentence) or lustful. Few would agree that these well-meaning books fit those definitions. These books aren’t prurient, they’re responsible...  The discussion is frank, but it’s laced with humor."  See pictures below  and judge for yourself and see if  you find them humorous. On one notebook open page (centerfold) , pp 20 & 2, 1 there are 20 pictures of  naked people of  all ages and sizes in It's Perfectly Normal.  There are about  55 totally nude pictures in an 87 page book with several other pictures of sexual behavior where people are partially clothed.   These books were challenged as inappropriate in the Fayetteville elementary school library by a parent  and were removed to a section where they can be checked out only with parental permission. The parent who challenged these books has received a great deal of harassment over this, but also a great deal of approval.

    (First set of  pictures and excerpts from It’s Perfectly Normal  by Robie Harris designed for 3rd to 6th grade   Also included below are excerpts and pictures from two other books,  It's So Amazing, also by Robie Harris  for 2nd-5th grade  and The Teenage Guys Survival Gluide for 9-12 by Jeremy Daldry.   The row of stars between Pictures and Quotes indicate the pictures  and quotes are separate and not necessarily tied together in the book. 

 It's Pefectly Normal p 14

"they get very close to each other-

So close that the man’s penis goes inside the woman’s vagina.” 


Can be found on www.wpaag.org from home page under New Items (about 5th one down under new items)


From It's Perfectly Normal



It's Perfectly Normal, p. 37



“Masturbation is touching or rubbing any of your

body’s sex organs

for pleasure- because it feels good.

One everyday term is “playing with yourself” It's Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris, p. 48

It’s Perfectly Normal  by Robie Harries p.48


It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Haris, p. 48


"Straight and Gay"

"The Ancient Greeks thought that love between

two men was THE HIGHEST FORM OF LOVE....

Some people disapprove of gay men and lesbian women.... Usually these people know little or nothing about homosexuals, and their views are often based on fears or misinformation, not facts."  p. 17-18  It's Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris.   Emphasis added


"It’s fun and it feels nice…. Everyone does it. Everyone”

Erections, hard-ons, boners

You want to explore it…poke and prod it,

To-let’s be frank-masturbate.

The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide

(The Teenage Guys Survival Guide)

"Now you might get a little tired of just thinking

About girls and want to start looking at some

Instead-some with few or no clothes on.

[magazines] on the top shelf. You know…

Voluptuous Vixens, Sexy Singles, and Big and


Just because you get your hands on a copy

Of Nude Girls in Jell-o, and used it to masturbate with …doesn’t make you a pervert…you won’t turn into a rapist.

Hundreds of thousands of men and even some women

Regularly buy and enjoy pornography" The Teenage Guys Survival Guide


“Ok, so it’s normal. Everyone does it. But what do you actually do?....you touch and stroke your penis, usually back and forth and up and down, until a warm tingly sensation starts building …..you begin to stroke faster and faster. You might start thinking sexy

thoughts about girls, your geography teacher….The tingly sensation… That’s when you “come” and white sticky stuff…spurts out the end of your penis. And it feels really nice.

  “ One, very, very important point; you never run out of semen.  You could masturbate every day, all day for hours on end and all you would end up with is a tired wrist and a sore penis.”  (Teenager's Guy Survival Guide)


         First of all, despite what you think, it isn’t weird

 or abnormal……[to] be sexually attracted to,

 members of the same sex….[take it]

a little further and experiment with members of the same sex.  Again, there is nothing wrong with that. Lots of people experiment with their sexuality. [In fact 1 of 3 boys and 1 of 5 girls do] - emphasis added."   From The Teenage Guys Survival Guide


For Next Set of  Pictures and Excerpts See Link To 2nd Set of Pictures









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