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All that's  necessary for  the triumph of evil

 is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke


by Debbie Pelley e-mail address


Please take action and sign the petition opposing these books posted by  Laurie Taylor, the parent challenging the books in Fayetteville, Arkansas by going to this link:


If you want to contact Laurie Taylor , her e-mail address is 


(See below for links  to other pages related to this petition like the link to the shocking pictures, the basic story behind this action by Laurie,  link to 55 of the challenged books, past articles and stories on the issue, and a link to write a letter to the editor in the area)


            Recently I sent out an  an e-mail about international and witch intervention in the Fayetteville, Arkansas library book controversy.  I hope the pictures in the library books and vile excerpts  in elementary school at Fayetteville has  concerned you as much as it did me.  If  so, you will be willing to take a very few minutes of  your time to put that concern into action and do one or two things - send e-mail and sign a petition.  Board members at Fayetteville are saying their input has been about 50-50 on each side of the issue.  We need to upset that balance and let them know how the people of Arkansas and the nation  feel.  Will you please send an e-mail to the superintendent  and the school board members regardless of  where you live and express your outrage over these books. (Addresses below)


         Since Arkansas  tax money now goes to the state and then back to the schools, every citizen in Arkansas has a dog in this fight as to how they spend this money, not to mention the fact that this is a national cultural battle for the souls and minds of  our children. National and international leftist organizations including Wiccan and witch organizations have joined in the battle against Laurie and have posted her name on their websites nation and worldwide.  The AP picked it up, and it was printed across the state and nation  in newspapers. Go to this link  to send a letter to the newspaper in Fayetteville area  that is covering this story and where letters to the editor are posted almost daily on the library issue.  The liberals are really at work on this, so conservatives must get involved.  For numerous letters and articles on this topic, go to and type in Laurie Taylor in the search line.    See my letter that was printed this last Sunday below.


            Here are the addresses to the superintendent and the board members at Fayetteville, Arkansas..  The first one is the superintendent.  You can paste all of them in the address box of  your e-mail and send to all of  them at one time.  Try to get your friends to do the same.


            Laurie Taylor has posted a petition on a website at this link:

Will you go to this web and sign the link.  It has a place for your address so it is okay to sign even if  you are not from the area because they will see where you are from.   But please if you are from Washington County,  take the time to  sign because  any student in Washington County can go to the online catalog  and have a book delivered to them at their school.  This is the least we can do for our children.  If  you haven't seen how vile these books are, go to the following  links and see what our children will be exposed to if  we don't win this battle.


Debbie Pelley's Letter to Editor Published In Northwest Arkansas Times 7-17-05


Donít presume to know

Re: the Fayetteville library book controversy.

Why should a librarian be able to spend taxpayers í money and stack the shelves of the library with books promoting, defending and celebrating homosexuality, gay rights and gay marriage when 75 percent of the people in Arkansas just this last year voted for an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting homosexual marriage and hate crime laws? Numerous other states have done the same.

Further, the rights of gays are still being debated in the entire nation, and most Arkansans disagree (as evidenced by our laws ó even those defeated in this last session) with the authors of these books.

There are several manuals on homosexuality in the Fayetteville library similar to this one, "Created Equal: Why Gay Rights Matter to America," even. This book trashes the religious right through and through. The following is a quote from an editorís review (so you wonít think I am misinterpreting the book). "Beginning with an examination of the determined assault on gay issues by the religious right, the authors show how this sectarian movement to legislate private religious morality into law undermines the purpose of American constitutional government."

All the editorsí reviews of the book mention the negative comments this book makes about the religious right. One review called this book the most comprehensive, readable, and persuasive primer on gay rights to date. What right do the librarians have to put these persuasive books by the scores in the library opposing the Christian view when Christians donít have the right to have their books in the library that persuade young people in their direction and help them to see the parentsí Biblical viewpoint in these matters? The library has practically nothing on the health problems or STDís associated with homosexuality and promiscuity. There are also 209 books in the Fayetteville library under "witches fiction." Donít presume you know what is in the library at Fayetteville unless you have seen the summaries, passages, and reviews of some of them found at  (See first item listed at very top of page or scroll down on  home page to New Items and find the topic.)

I taught English for 27 years and thought I knew what was in the library books, but I didnít.


Debbie Pelley



Submit a letter to the editor on  the Library Book Issue - They invite you to do this on their web page.

To check this site for numerous  letters and articles  already printed on this topic, go to this link and type in Laurie Taylor in the the Search line. 

Link to Shocking Pictures in elementary schools

it Fayetteville, Arkansas  School Library

Warning:  You may  have to disconnect your filter if  you have one on your computer to get these.

(May take a short time or longer  to load)


Another Link to

Summaries of Twenty Shocking Books

 in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library



Another Link to

Excerpts from 35 Shocking Books

in Fayetteville, Arkansas School Library

(Worse than first 20 if possible)


For explanation and summary of  this story, go to this link:



Or  go to  and look for first item on very top  the home page

for a page thatwill lead you to all the links above. 





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