Study this picture and the caption under it ( which is part of the picture) carefully. Note the word ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Few people in Arkansas realize that Beebe and Broadway surround themselves with radical environmentalists.  This picture relates to these two articles on this website:'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm and


Broadway is running for Lt. Governor and Kathy Webb is the first openly lesbian in the Arkansas legislature.  Broadway and Webb sponsored the major environmental bills in 2009.

Here are five of the top ten priorities as listed by this liberal organization on whose website this picture is found.

Enact the recommendations of the Global Warming Commission.

Enact the recommendations of the HIV/AIDS Task Force.

Progressive tax reform

Create an Arkansas Civil Rights Commission.

Enact the Dream Act to make sure every student graduating from an
Arkansas school has the opportunity to pay in-state college tuition.

[Note how they sanitize their goals. Every student means illegal aliens. Citizens of Arkansas do not have to pay in-state college tuition.]

See this link for above picture and caption and the and top ten priorities of this liberal organization.