Beebe Appoints a "Married" Homosexual, Jay Barth,  to State Board of Education -

One of the Most Gay Activists in the South



(See excerpts from two articles from AR Times blog below and one from ARRA News Bureau documenting this.  Links to entire stories included - Be sure to note Jay Barth's own words in red font below)


Arkansas Democrats keep telling us that Arkansas Democrats are different from Washington Democrats! Arkansas voted 75% to 25% against allowing gay marriage, and gay marriage has lost in every single state --31 in all-- in which it has been put to a popular vote.  Even California voted it down with 2/3 majority. Our media in Arkansas won't even publish gay marriage announcements.  Yet Beebe appoints Jay Barth, a married homosexual who had to go to New York to marry, to the State Board of Education that oversees the education for every public school student in AR.  I wonder what curriculum changes Beebe and Barth are planning to implement.


Beebe appoints Jay Barth to state Board of Education (emphasis added)


Posted by Max Brantley on Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 11:26 AM

"Beebe has appointed Dr. Jay Barth of Little Rock to succeed Mays. Barth, author and commentator on Arkansas politics, is distinguished professor of politics and chair of the politics and international relations department at Hendrix College. He also writes for the Arkansas Times. He is to serve through 2019." 


Arkansas Times Blog (emphasis added)


      " WED: Jay Barth (left) and Chuck Cliett were married in New York March 14."


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"I've mentioned before that because the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and its affiliated newspapers in Northwest Arkansas won't publish marriage announcements by same-sex couples, the Arkansas Times is happy to provide that service.


"I am particularly happy to do so today because the announcement is that of friends — Jay Barth, the Hendrix professor and Arkansas Times contributor, and Chuck Cliett, a lawyer and colleague of mine on the board of the Fred Darragh Foundation. Their announcement, in the fashion given similarly high profile unions in the New York Times:"


ARRA News Service:  Be sure to note Jay Barth's own words  below in red font.

Jay Barth's Objectives are Clear -- Are Yours?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


In February, the American Family Coalition blog asked what is "Jay Barth's Objective." Previously, a blog and the Arkansas News identified Barth as "one of the most liberal" in Arkansas politics and "openly gay." Dr. Jay Barth is a professor at Hendrix College in both the Politics and Gender Studies departments and a faculty member of the Clinton School of Public Service. He is the faculty advisor for the Unity/LGBSA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Straight Alliance), Young Democrats, and Pre-Law Society and has been noted by the Committee on Lesbian & Gay History

At the 2006 Arkansas Democrat State Convention, Barth chaired the platform committee that led in facilitating the removing of the "marriage plank" from the Arkansas Democrat Platform. The affirmative statement that "marriage is between a man and a woman" has been deleted! Barth's objectives are not unknown. He takes political and community actions that move Arkansas more to the "liberal" left. The days of the Arkansas conservative democrat may be are numbered.

To Barth's credit, his viewpoint and agenda are not hidden. He is totally "out" in both his lifestyle and beliefs. Read his publications and review his courses. He and others at Hendrix College have shifted their academic community closer to their worldview. To help understand Barth's vision for Arkansas' future, read what he wrote about Hendrix College on

"I'm writing to nominate the place where I have taught for the last seven years. Hendrix may really be the most friendly and affirming school for GLBT students in the South. It truly is an island. There is a GLBT student group at Hendrix that is quite active, .... The GLB students at Hendrix tend to be incredibly well-integrated into the larger student body.... In recent years, the majority of student body presidents have been openly gay or lesbian and sexual orientation simply isn't an issue in most aspects of life at Hendrix where a large percentage of the student body is out. A few social events on campus are heterosexist, but that is really the exception. GLBT studies is part of a larger Gender Studies program. While the established course offerings on GLBT issues are not large (though I do teach a very popular Gender, Sexuality, and American Politics course), students do often set up independent studies related to GL issues. -- Dr. Jay Barth, Associate Professor, Department of Politics"


 Go to this link on Arkanss Times and see all the hate messages toward those who oppose this appointment:



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