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[Governor Beebe is following the same tactics at the state level as Obama is at the national level. Obama has a list a mile long of dictatorial decisions and executive orders and just recently made appointees that the Senate would not confirm while the Senate is in session which is totally illegal for him to do and is getting away with it.  So why shouldn't Beebe think he can do the same thing? 


Governor Beebe has signed an application to obtain a $7.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a proposed "cooperative agreement" to implement the federal insurance exchange. The AP article stated it this way in their story December 23, 2011 (which was also reported in the Democrat Gazette on January 11, 2012.)


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe announced Thursday that he supports a partnership with the federal government to implement the insurance exchange required under the health care law after efforts for a state-run exchange failed....Beebe wrote in a letter dated Monday to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. "I am confident that this partnership approach to the federal exchange will move Arkansas toward our shared goal of making high-quality, affordable health insurance a reality for the one-in-five Arkansans who currently cannot obtain or afford coverage." [Everyone knows what a partnership with the federal government is - total federal control.]


Beebe earlier this year gave up on setting up the exchange after facing opposition from Republicans in the majority-Democrat Legislature. Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, who had continued pushing for a state-run exchange, said earlier this month that was no longer a possibility and had raised the partnership as an option. [In other words it could not pass the legislature so Beebe is doing it on his own]


Beebe backed the idea in a letter to Sebelius supporting the state's application for a $7.6 million grant to study and plan for an exchange partnership. Bradford said the partnership would give the state control over functions such as the design of programs offered and evaluation of insurers participating in the exchange.  Link to entire story:


The Governor is jumping ahead of Arkansas citizens as the legislature opposed a similar measure, and  "Twenty-eight states have filed or signed onto lawsuits challenging the measure. Thirty-eight legislatures are considering state laws to curtail its effects," and the US Supreme Court is set to hear the case in March, so why the rush? Will this partnership plan allow Beebe to get this $7.6 million taxpayer funded grant to implement Beebe's health care plan in Arkansas even if Obamacare  is ruled unconstitutional?


I hope you remember Beebe's secret letter to Kathleen Sebelius to make Arkansas a model for the rest of the nation for Obamacare.  When that letter got out in the open and the public protested,  Beebe's office sent out this email on March 9, 2011.  "You have been the target of misinformation campaign designed to create uncertainty and fear for political purposes.  Governor Beebe's effort to save the Arkansas Medicaid program from bankruptcy has no relationship whatsoever to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."  However, Affordable Care Act (the shortened name for Obamacare) is mentioned several times in his letter to Sebelius.   Now he is openly partnering with the federal government for Obamacare when the legislature opposed it. And we are supposed to believe our governor's request to Sebelius to be a national model for Medicaid had nothing to do with Obamacare - and that our governor believes in a representative government as ordained by the federal and state constitutions? 


For a story on this issue in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, see this link:


See this link for the entire article on Beebe's letter to Sebelius. - Beebe Gains Approval for His Plan to Make Arkansas A "Model" for Obamacare, dated May, 2011


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Posted January 11, 2012

Debbie Pelley