Some people have asked me to tell them how I will vote on the ballot initiatives so here it is.


Five State Referendums on November Ballot


Our Voting ballot in Arkansas in 2008 on November 4  includes five state issues.  Two of them are referred to voters by the people, and the other three are referred to voters by the General AssemblyI am voting YES on only one of them and am voting NO on the rest of them. .


Vote YES

• Proposed Initiative Act No. 1, Official Title:  An Act Providing That An Individual Who Is Cohabiting Outside of a Valid Marriage May Not Adopt Or Be A Foster Parent Of A Child Less Than Eighteeen Years. 


This Act is specifically aimed at preventing homosexuals from adopting or being a foster parent and is sponsored by Arkansas Family Council with Jerry Cox as Director.  According to Family Council's website, "This act seeks to blunt a homosexual agenda that has used the shortage of adoptive or foster care homes in other states as a means of advancing their social agenda.

Laws have been passed in eight states that support the homosexual agenda when it comes to the adoption or foster care of children. Arkansas has no law to prevent homosexual adoption. Homosexuals are adopting children and this will continue until a law is passed.


Arkansas has already become a magnet for gay surrogacy.  Arkansas Surrogacy law is among the most liberal in the US, much more liberal than New York and European countries. See this link for an article on this subject:


Vote No

• Proposed Constitutional Amendment 3 on the ballot:   This amendment  would authorize the establishment and operation of state lotteries to fund college scholarships and grants for Arkansas citizens an idea pushed by Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.   It is listed on Arkansas Voting Ballot  as “A constitutional amendment authorizing the General Assembly To Establish, Operate and Regulate State Lotteries.” (Reputable critics point out this amendment would also allow casinos in Arkansas as well.)

The proposal would strike an existing law that says simply: “No lottery shall be authorized by this State, nor shall the sale of lottery tickets be allowed.”
Family Council Action Committee filed a lawsuit petitioning the Arkansas Supreme Court to remove the proposed amendment from the ballot saying the amendment is fatally flawed and misleading for not accurately conveying its full effect to Arkansas' voters.  Family Council also said,  “Arkansas courts have interpreted Arkansas’ ban on lotteries to ban casinos and other types of gambling as well. This is why we don’t have casinos. Since this amendment allows the state to run lotteries, it allows the state to run casinos as well."


Vote NO

• Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2 would require the General Assembly to meet annually.  The constitution requires them to meet every two years. I fully agree with this quote:  "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session."  Once every two years is often enough to go through that fearful time.  Besides it will only cost Arkansans more to have legislature meet every year.


Note that the crucial part of this amendment permitting legislature to meet every year is not listed first in the title.  It is the 2nd sentence of the title.  Does anyone think this is not on purpose?


In 2005 legislators introduced a total of 3,176 bills and in no year in recent history have they introduced less than 2,643 bills., I know for us conservatives the 60 days (usually extended by a number of days) when the Legislature is in session is the most intense and dangerous times in our lives.  We are constantly working to ward off all the laws the liberal Democrats come up with like trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment from last session, hate crime laws designed for homosexuals, and laws to give in-state tution and scholarships to illegal aliens for example.


Since Arkansas is overwhelmingly Democratic and it will be mostly their laws being introduced and voted on, why would conservatives even consider voting to allow them to have a session every year.


It is a feather in the cap of any legislature that can get a law passed, and I know for a fact that many times legislators will vote for bills that their friends introduce just to help their friends get a bill passed their friends sponsored.


Vote No

Referred Question No. 1 Act 631 of 2007 (Last one on the Arkansas Ballot and Referred to the people by the General Assembly.)


There is a lot more to this referendum than what the title implies. The following quote from an AP article explains the problem. "The Arkansas Wildlife Federation announced Thursday its opposition to a November ballot measure that would give a state agency the authority to issue $300 million in bonds for water projects.  The group said the measure also would give the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission authority to take title to or determine the use of private recreational lakes, stock ponds, irrigation reservoirs, and certain rivers."  A friend of mine who has researched this issue, as I have education, says that this referendum along with Act 631 would give bureaucrats in the Arkansas Natural Resource Resources Commission power through imminent domain to take title to people's private water sources.  The constitution requires that people must approve any laws to issue bonds so that is why this referendum  is on the ballot even although it has been passed through the legislature.


Vote No

There is one other referendum, but since I don’t know enough about it (and it is an amendment to the constitution) and I don’t trust some of the wording on it, I plan to vote No on it as well.