Jonesboro Using One of The Most Radical Environmentalists In the Nation

 As An Expert In Their Vision 2030 Plan


This Letter to Editor was printed in the Jonesboro Sun on June 10, 2012, with the headline:  "Send Burden Packing." Note the next email I will send today about a book written by a liberal Democrat who confirms all of this and more.  Some of her information can be found at this link on a website called Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21.  I will be presenting on this information at our next Tea Party July 17, at 5:30 at Barnhills Buffet in Jonesboro.

It is hard to believe Jonesboro is using one of the most radical environmentalists in the nation, Dan Burden, as an expert to help in Jonesboro Vision 2030 Plan – see Sun article "Walk this way: Volunteers to study walking access in downtown" June 5.


The Sun article reports that Jonesboro City Planning Director Otis Spriggs and other local leaders attended Dan Burden's training session in April and developed a plan to have volunteers walk the city and assess it. Dan Burden often acts as the guide in these walks.  


The paper didn't report and probably doesn't know that Dan Burden's goal is to take cities back 100 years where people walk, bike, or ride public transit rather than drive cars. Burden also says whether a city is working or not depends on how many people you see walking. If you don' need to rent a car to get around town, then that is a good city; but if you have to have a car to get around town, that city would be rated low.  Burden said we need to downsize grocery stores and other places so they will be within walking distance.   


In a lecture, Burden also says "Town and portions of towns identified as neighborhoods must be planned and assembled to walking scale," and that "Urban areas, no longer relying on walking and bicycling as travel choices, are becoming unfit and unhealthy."


I don't know if Spriggs and other local leaders are aware of Dan Burden's radical plans, but the MPO Director Muhammad Ulkarim is. These liberals are adept at implementing Agenda 21 plans in small steps and in a deceptive manner – for example Burden advocates changing four-lane streets to two car lanes and two bike lanes, as early stages.  Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan of action developed in 1992 – also called Sustainable Development. The Agenda 21 Plan purposely discourages people from driving to prevent the use of coal, oil, and natural gas - in order to save the planet.


Citizens need to research and discuss Dan Burden with local officials and ask them to send him packing.  I would suggest a Google search: "Building Communities with Transportation by Dan Burden Jan 8, 2001" and "Stop Sprawl by Dan Burden" 


Debbie Pelley



Documentation: (Was not included in the paper but given here for readers' information.)


1. Video by Dan Burden "Building Livable, Walkable Communities    

Access to video was free when I first accessed it; now it can be accessed only by paying $4.95.  If you skim Burden's lecture and his article, "Stop Sprawl" (links below), you will have no doubt that the statements he made on his video are true. I did not have space to include any quotes from Stop Sprawl but the link to it is


2. Lecture by Dan Burden to Transportation Research Board, Washington D. C.   Jan 8, 2001

Transportation Research Board

Washington, D. C.

Page 1, lst paragraph Burden says:  "My lecture focuses on the EARLY  steps of returning towns and people to sensible smart growth, sustainable, people focused transportation and land use practices." 


Page 2,  "Urban areas, no longer relying on walking and bicycling as travel choices, are becoming unfit and unhealthy."

Page 5 Principle 2 –"Towns and portions of towns identified as neighborhoods must be planned and assembled to walking scale."


3.  Muhammad Ulkarim is an ardent supporter of Agenda 21 and sustainable development.  Several of us met with him and the MPO committee,  and Ulkarim knows all about all this stuff.  and supports all of it.  See this link for what we learned at the meetings and for more information on Ulkarim.'boro%20MPO%20Mtg.htm


4.  See this article for two cities in Arkansas where at the advice of Dan Burden 4 lane streets were turned into two lane streets.



Posted July 11, 2012