Two Letters to Editor on Jonesboro's Proposed Agenda 21 "Village" -

National Republican Committee & Many Other GOP Committees Oppose Agenda 21

Letter to Editor on Good ole Boy System With the" Village"


 Published in the SUN, August 21, 2014

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission unanimously approved the request to rezone the land for the "Greensborough Village" so developers could build their UN Agenda 21 walkable, high density, housing project. Several were at the MAPC meeting in opposition, but the MAPC refused to delay the vote even though many opponents' questions went unanswered.


One speaker noted this "village" was classic UN Agenda 21 and that the National Republican Committee passed a resolution opposing Agenda 21 with several state Republican parties (including Arkansas) passing the same resolution. Alabama banned Agenda 21 and its grants from their state with a unanimous vote of both state houses. A leftist liberal also wrote a well-known book opposing UN Agenda 21.


These resolutions and book describe Agenda 21 as a comprehensive extreme environmental, global political controlled endeavor pushed by policies like "smart growth, green projects and sustainable development," which views the American way of life of private ownership of single family homes, cars and privately owned farms as destructive to the environment.


Another speaker asked what guarantees the city had to prevent an uncompleted development that would leave a mess, naming several places where this happened recently. Her husband asked how existing heavy traffic and added "village" traffic would be resolved. Others asked whether tax money (grants or other) would be utilized in the project, the size of lots, proof there was a need for such a development and projected income levels of prospective home investors and renters.


Jerry Halsey of Halsey, Thrasher, & Harpole answered questions for the developers. On all the above questions he said he had no answer for them. He did reluctantly reveal later to pointed questions they expected 2,200 to 2,500 people to live there, all on 86 acres of the project (29 people an acre); that the size of the houses would range from 1,500 to 5,000 sq. ft. and gave a figure as $300 a square foot for some of the houses (that would be $450 thousand for 1,500-square-foot house and $1.5 million for 5,000-square-foot. But they are advertising it as affordable housing.


Two of my greatest concerns: How much money, grants and tax breaks from city, state and federal government will developers get for complying with Agenda 21? How small will some of the housing units be? When asked, Halsey said he couldn't answer those questions.

Agenda 21 pushes housing units of 200 to 800 square feet to save energy. Will the government subsidize some exclusive housing units in the "village" as they did in Chicago to diversify the neighborhood, another goal of Agenda 21?


And how will it affect the crime rate? Jonesboro Vision even states, "population density has the strongest effect on property crime," followed by subsidized housing.

Vickie Harrison

Jonesboro, Arkansas


 Published in the SUN,  August 18

Not so very long ago, there was much ado about the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission's Vision 2030. Some folks were concerned the wording was quite similar to UN Agenda 21, a UN "central planning" scheme that would control numerous aspects of our lives.


Citizens who questioned were laughed at, said to be "against bike paths and sidewalks." Promoters scoffed at the suggestion that government was going to take away the cars and kept right on implementing their plans. City planners were adamant they were not implementing Agenda 21 and claimed they had never heard of it or read it.


At the time, Gary Harpole was in charge of much of the plan and supposedly wrote much of Vision 2030. Isn't it interesting that now that an Agenda 21-type "village" is in the works, his name is all over the project. He's a partner in the company marketing the property and is recruiting investors for the businesses that will be located there. Hmmm...He helped plan and now he is selling. He helped squash investigation into the master planned communities and now is raking in big dollars to create these very communities.


Being an unelected co-director of Visions 2030 and the mayor's right-hand man, how could Harpole not have undue influence with the MAPC and city council? The MAPC just voted unanimously to approve the rezoning for the village although they were asked by citizens to hold off on their approval because of several unanswered questions. Is there anyone out there naive enough to believe that this was not "the good ole boy system" at work, especially since Harpole's company spent $150,000 on it before asking approval of the rezoning.


This "village" has been in the planning for two years but hidden from the public; so even when citizens were protesting and planners were denying they were implementing UN Agenda 21, Harpole and other planners were busy at work creating the mixed land use, walkable village that discourages driving and promotes biking and walking (the very essence of Agenda 21) all the time pretending bikeways were for obesity, health, exercise and recreation.


Supporters of the village are now saying they want to live in cramped zero-lot homes so they don't have to mow the grass, but they want to ride their bicycles instead of drive. What a hoot!

Ralph Meade

Bono, Arkansas