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Featuring Truth in Research On Education, Politics, and Social Issues

              Several Christian women activists decided in 2004 to form a group that not only prayed about social and political issues but who put feet to their prayers as well.  The  Women's Prayer and Action Group (WPAAG) is made up mostly of women from several different denominations who share the same concerns about the cultural, social, and educational problems in our society.  The women not only pray but  also  write letters to the newspapers, send emails, write letters and make phone calls  to legislators, support candidates who stand with them on issues, hold town meetings, and sponsor other types of meetings with leaders in the community.


             Someone has said that when a person hears something often enough he starts to believe it whether it is true or not.  That has so often been the case in our society. One of the main goals of this group is to spread the truth when deceit is being practiced by leaders in our communities, state and local government, or other institutions.  Sometimes that truth is hard to believe and hard to report  since "In a time of universal deceit,  telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." dece

it, telling the truth becomes a re

            The reason the name is not advertised on the home page is because there are some people in our society who don't really think conservative Christians should have a voice in government.  The women believe that once readers of  the site search through the articles and documentation  they will find the articles to be  credible and will note that the information covers a variety of topics that are not necessarily limited to  so called Christian issues. 


              WPAAG is a non-partisan group and is concerned with issues rather than political parties and have stood with and worked with members of both parties.    There are some  articles posted on this site written by liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans; and several articles from this site are posted on the Arkansas Watch blog and other websites.


             This Women's group will  hold the candidates' feet to the fire (regardless of the party they represent) who prove to be  irresponsible in doing what is right for our society and children. 


                   Man has no nobler function than to defend the truth!

                       (Quote by Ruth McKinney)


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