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Bad  Books


Legislative Issues


 Test Scores


IBO UN Global Ed. Program With Ties  to Earth Charter in AR


IBO promotes Total Disarmament & praises Islam


IBO - Results in Low Scores & Performance


IBO - Excerpts from IB Director  Himself, G. Walker 


Link to Shocking Picture

Fayetteville School Library



HeadStart -Pre School

Legislator Voting Records

Long Bus Ride in AR

Teachers/Supt. Surveys

School To Work (STW)

Testing System Corrupted  Corrupted

 Facilities - School

Link to Petition Opposing Porn in Library Books


Am I Going to Heaven?



In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.


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Magnet Schools  Have Low Test Scores


Real Cost of J'boro Transit Bus Ride  is $32.00 not $17.50 AS    MPO reports


Holt Pictures - Swarmed  With Reporters At Filing, March 8, 2010


Jim Holt Ahead of Gilbert Baker in  Rasmussen Poll


Introduction for Jim Holt, Candidate for US Senate


Jim Holt Announces for US Senate


Holt best candidate based on Rasmussen poll


100% Conservative Candidate Needs Support


What Other People Say About Holt


John Boozman - No Shoo-In for US Senate


Liberals Say Jim Holt Will Be In Run-Off in Senate Race Against Blanche Lincoln


Sen Gilbert Baker  Voting Records - Shocking


Gilbert Baker Voting Record Documentation from AR Leg website


Jim Holt voting record compared to Sen Hendren & Sen Baker


Senator Holt Voting Record


Holt Voted Against His Own Pay Raise In Every Session Documentation


Wash news - GOP is picking Gilbert Baker Too Soon


Senator Gilbert Baker Voting Record by Liberal Group


Why I support Jim Holt for US Senator


Gilbert Baker  Fundraising Letter Relies on  Brummett  Endorsement


Jonesboro Magnet School Low Test Scores


NRT Test scores scanned



Obama Declared War on Israel in UN Speech Sept 23, 09


Voting Rankings of Legislators 2009 by Liberal Group


Health Care Problems with page numbers and quotes.


Fayetteville $113 million Educational Experiment -  Based on Failed &

Abandoned Reforms


Paragould 21st Century Failed Ed Experiment


Ross/Snyder Mtg/

Crowd Had Reason To Boo


Obama Wants Single-Payer Health Care Plan


Ron Fuller Tirade & pictures at ABC Board Hearing


Pictures of ABC Board Chair At Private Club Hearing


Arkansas Test Score Scam of 2009


Test Score Chart 2009 DG


Additional Information on

Test Score Scam of 2009


Home School Scores Better in Reading Than Public Schools


Obama's Ed Centerpiece

International Curriculum


Arkansas Nationally Normed Test Scores 1988-1995


Mandated Lesson Plans - Teach  Test Items Every Day Teachers Are Instructed


ABC Board Ron Fuller

Transcript of Hearing


Dry Counties Coalition Rally  (May 30) Transcript


Brummet  Says Amen to Doing Away With Cars


Obama & Leftists Agenda: A "Carless" Society


TEA Party Opposing Government Takeover of Health Care Flyer


Doctor Says 50% of Doctors Would Quit Under Socialized System


TEA Party 2 - Letters  to Senators  Opposing Gov't Health Care


Obama Floats National Sales Tax for Health Care.


Supt memo proving all curriculum is mandated by the State Gov't


Obama's Janet Napolitano Writing National School Curriculum for AR & Nation


51% of Americans View Tea Parties Favorably - 33% Unfavorable


Tea Party Presentation -

Cost of Gov't Control of Education


TEA Party - Letter of Protest to Obama


Tea Party Postcard to Obama


Jonesboro Tea Party Flyer


Jonesboro Tea Party Press Release


Paragould Tea Party Flyer


JonesboroTea Party Survey


Dems Vote Down AR State Sovereignty Bill


Compassion Can Be More Cruel Than Law/

Elliott's Bill on Illegals


Comp. chips will be used in AR Driver's license if HB1978 passes.


Goal of States' Driver License Laws is Global Database


Feminists Want ERA to Force Partial Birth Aabortion & Homosexual Parenting


Elliot's Defense of Her Instate Tuition  bill for Illegals - Fact or  Fiction


Subversive Plan to Ditch the Electoral College


Obamas' serve $100 a

serving steak at Parties


Do we really want Hillary Care? - ARKids Medicaid Program for Incomes of $55,000 Plus


Connecting The Dots/ Cigarette Tax to Abortion/Planned Parenthood


AR Funds More Welfare Health Programs Than Other States


Eliminating Electoral  College Bill  - Reasons to Vote Against


Why a True Republican Can't Vote for  Gov. Beebe's Cigarette Tax


Willl Cigarette Tax Bill Fund Abortions & Contraceptives


88% Support Illegal Alien Bill 2009/TV Poll


Ten Million Unemployed in US/Unemployment

Among Blacks Higher Than Hispanics


AR House Voted To Commorate A Day For Atheist Thomas Paine


Obama's  Welfare Program Called Tax Cuts/Stimulus Bill


REAL ID - Snookered by Big Brother


Financial Bailout - Who Caused the Crisis


5 AR Ballot Initiatives 20088


Electricity would skyrocket under his plan, Obama says


Dan Greenberg on Should AR Legislature Meet Every Year?


Pres Clinton & Democrats Mandated that  Fannie & Freddie  Give Risky Loans


Rebuttal to AR AG Opinion Allowing Illegals In College


Editorialist Paul Greenberg Praises Lesbian


Number of Illegals Decline 11% in Last Ten Months


Secure Arkansas To Become Non Partisan Political Force


Attorney General Dustin McDaniel Cost Us 31,000 Ballot Initiative Signatures


Things I Learned Canvassing for Illegal Alien Initiative


KAIT TV Poll - 96% would

Vote To Deny Benefits to

Illegal Aliens


ADE Forcing Greenland To Consolidate, Despite $4.00 Gas & 45 Past School Closings


Jonesboro Test Scores for 2010, published May 10, 2011


Cheap Labor Will End

When Welfare Begins


How Senators Voted on US  Immigration Bill & Amendments


Arkansans are "outing" Senator Lincoln's leftist voting record.


ERA Facts


ERA - Is Wanted To Protect  Partial Birth Abortion


ERA - Attorney Testimony -

Court Cases Using ERA as basis for gay marriage.


Supreme Ct Hearing On Obamacare Mon-Wed, beg March 26, 2012 - Health Care Costs Almost Doubled In Two Years


Is Newt a Conservative or a Progressive -  In Newt's Own Words - Rhetoric vs Reality


Take Another Look At Rick Santorum for President


Gov.  Beebe Opposes Legislature and  Dictatorially Partners With Obama Care 


Northeast AR School Orders Removal of Bulletin Board Nativity Scene


Let to Editor on  Controversial School Nativity Scene


School Nativity Scene in AR Goes Back Up


Jonesboro MPO Vision On Future and Mixed Land Use - More Density & Pedestrian Friendly.


Jonesboro  MPO Director Touts Soviet Style Housing


Kay Williams Nativity Scene


AR Is Using Extreme  Radical  Dan Burden As Transportation Expert - No Cars


Ulkarim's Email Article on Small Housing


Jon Hubbard's Article On Teachers, " A Most Unappreciated Profession"


US Gov't  Mandates Bikeways/ Text of Highway Bond  Ballot


Obama Mandates Bikeways - Letters To The Editor


New Gingrich for President?? Baggage 1-4?


Ask Yourselves These Questions Before Voting On the 2011 Highway Bond Ballot, Nov 8


Homosexual Demand Military  Acceptance of Trans- genders -  Immediately After Demise of Don't Ask


Psychiatrists Seek To De-stimatize Pedophilia


Agenda: Grinding America Down - Trailer Transcript


Liberals Pushing Children To Walk to School - To Save the Planet


Hary Reid Touts Bike Paths for Transportation To Work


European Union To Ban Cars from Cities by 2050

A similar plan  in place in the US


Al Gore & Obama Promote Birth Control & Population Control To Reduce Global Warming


European Union To Ban Cars In Cities by 2050


Maryland Now  Requires 'Environmental Literacy' K-12


Test on addresses with links


Governor Beebe Fooling People on Alien Ballot  Initiative


Beebe Obeying 1 Law on Aliens But Disobeying Another


Pelley, Secure AR Coordinator, Receives Apology from Postal Authority


Link to TV story on Post Office Event Above


1 alien cost hospital almost $2milion  - family still suing


Police Called On Lady Collecting Signatures on Illegal Alien Ballot Initiative


From a Victim of Identity Theft


40 Million Potential Revolutionaries North of the Border - Revolutionist's Speech


Beebe Forestalling A Drive To Lower Taxes?


Severance Tax  - Letter to



New AR Severance Tax/No Relief for Taxpayers


Special Session On Severance Tax illegal


Beebe Says Eliminating Grocery Tax Not As Important as Education Reforms


Obama's 12 Promises to Homosexuals


Californians Want Permanent Protection Against Offshore Drilling







Jonesboro, AR  Promoting "Carless Society" In Very Near Future


Con-Con Controversy in Arkansas 2015 Con-Con


LTE - Media Excoriates Freshman Conservative; Praises Liberal Democrat - Brandt Smith vs Elliott media excoriates Brandt


Obamacare AR State Exchange Issue - Bigger Than  the PO Medicaid Expansion State Exchange


State Exchange-Paul Harrell Radio Interview with Jacque Martin- Great summary State Exchange


Don't be deceived by Private Option SB96 - Common Sense Facts    Common


Only 11 Dems in AR Senate in 2015 But They Picked Senate Leader Dismang Sen Leader


2015 AR Speaker Designate May Neutralize GOP Gains in Legislature  Jeremy Gillam


Comparison of UN Agenda 21 & Jonesboro Vision 2030



Election 2014 - Talk Business Interview with Leg. leaders Dismang (Senate leader) & Gillam (House Speaker) Dismang & Gillam


Election 2014 - Thompson Ad in Clay County Courier , Corning Thompason Ad


How Taxpayers Are Paying for Abortion under Obamacare- Huckabee & Stupak Taxpayer Abortions


Transcript of City Council Mtg on J'boro Village Sept 16-Approval/Disapproval Delayed Village Delayed


Agenda 21 - Village Presentation by Developers at CC Mtg. Sept 16,  3rd Reading Jonesboro Village


Beebe Has the Gall to Call GOP PartisanBeebe has gall to call GOP part

Alcohol-How to take your name off petition  petition


3 Letters to Editor Opposing the Narrowing of Car Lanes to Build Bike LanesThreeLetter to Editor


Two Lets to Ed Agenda 21 Proposed Jonesboro Walkable "Village"  Walkable "Village"


Agenda 21: Guest Editorial on Public- Private Parnterships Replete With Wrongdoing and Fraud Agenda

Agenda 21 - Jonesboro Village Transcription of MAPC Mtg 8-12-14 oJnesobor Village

Beware-Private Option Candidates On Ballot 2014 Beware

Obama's Common Core Is Fed'l & UN Curriculum on Steroids  Obama


Shocking AR Common Core Quote By Common Core Specialist Jonesboro Area Common Core Speci

Guest Editorial - Proof  Teachers Are forced to teach Common Core MethodsProof teachers have no freedom to teach under Common Core (CCSSI)

J'boro Future Land Use Plan - 79% Favor Single Home Development, 17% Multi-FamilyTaken from Jonesboro Future Land

Sudan Cruelties - Let to Ed Telling Truth Revolutionary ActTelling The Truth Is A Revolutio

Why Dems Want To Do Away With Lt. Gov. OfficesWhy Democrats Want To Abolish Lt

Dem. Rockwell Sends Out Card Calling Cooper Dangerous, Democratic Propaganda BeginsRockwell card - Cooper Dangerous

Possible Voter Fraud in Arkansas Letter to Editor Possible Voter Fraud in Arkansa

Arkansas Senator Pryor Clinging to Bible - Letter to EditorPryor Clinging to Bible Let to E

Voting places for special election senate seat Nov 12,



Common Core Math sheet comparing two problems with traditional math & Common Core math  Common Core 


Common Core Math Demonstration Video


GOP Candidates John Cooper & Dan Sullivan Compared


Quotes on Medicaid Expansion by Cooper & Sullivan


Cost Per Vote by Candidates In Primary For Bookout's Seat


Is GOP Dan Sullivan Getting

Democrat Crossover Votes In

GOP Special Election Primary for Bookout's Seat?


John Cooper receives endorsement of 7 Conservative GOP legislators

Just the Facts About Three

GOP Candidates for Special

Election Senate Race - Paul Bookout's vacated seat

Where Obama Wants Us To Live - Like Sardines - Agenda 21

Nat'l GOP (RNC) Passed Resolution Against Common Core April 2013


Transcription of 3 GOP Candidates' Speeches  for Bookout's Senate Seat - Landlord Mtg. 


Is John Cooper Only GOP Candidate Against AR Private Option?

GOP Candidate Chad Niell Accuses Editor of Lying


Letter to Editor - AG Dustin

McDaniel Cost US 30 Days on Medicaid Expansion Petition Drive


Janet Napolitano Oversaw  Obama's Common Core Federal & International Curriculum

Teachers' Methods Will Be Controlled by the Evaluation, Instruction Specialists, & Staff Development


Testimony on Common Core in Little Rock AR You Must Read - by Grace Lewis


US House  (H. R. 5  July, 2013) Nullifies Obama's Common Core Initiative

Front Page Story on AR Medicaid Expansion Petition To Reverse the Law


National Blueway  Designation Withdrawn from AR - Press Releases


Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation CEO Summarizes Immigration Study 


Rockefeller Immigration Study Debunked - Fallacies


Press Release - Resolution Opposing AR  "Private Option" Medicaid Expansion


J'boro City Council Gives $130,00 to Hispanic Center Let to Editor


Arkansas Welcomes Obamacare - Leg 2013


Amnesty Concerns With Gang of  8 Bill  June 2013

Ten Best & Worst AR State Legislators in 2013 by 2 Groups

AR GOP Hoodwinked by 'Private Option' Medicaid Expansion - Obamacare Disguised

Press Release - To Reverse Medicaid Expansion Law

Voting Record of  Legislators Voting For & Against Obamacare in Arkansas

Nat'l, State, and Local Media Calling AR Medicaid Expansion Obamacare

Why The Disconnect Between GOP Legs. & Grassroots - ALEC - The Good & The Bad

Arkansas A Model for Obamacare??

Heritage Foundtion Speaks out on AR Medicaid Expansion - Waiver Can Be Changed Anytime

No Medicaid Expansion

Costs About  1/2 Private Option

Louisiana  & S. Carolina Reject the AR Medicad Expansion Plan - the Private Option

Poll Shows Arkansans Oppose Private Option Medicaid Expansion

Re:  SJR1 by Rapert 2012 -  History of Con Con Scary

Alcohol HB1348 - Reigns in Unlimited Authority of ABC Board

Agenda 21 - Harrison Tea Party Presentation 3-15-2013

About 35 AR GOP Legs. voted against

Constitutional Convention

Teacher's US Senate Testimony on J'boro School Killings - Culture is Basis of Shootings

Why We Believe Cars Will Be Restricted -  Iris Guest Editorial

Quotes From Confidential Grant - Basis of AR & National Educationsal Reforms

Presentation at 2nd Hearing J'boro Vision 2030 - Govt' Takeover Pattern same as in Educational Reforms

Guest Editorial "Jonesboro Vision 2030 Mirrors United Nations' Agenda 21"

by Debbie Pelley

Township Withdraws from Comprehensive Plan - Agenda 21 Quotes from ICLEI  L.A. Planning Guide


Agenda 21 & J'boro Vision 2030 Compared

Hundred Ways Used to Restrict the Use of Cars


Bikers & Pedestrians To Be Favored in Street Design by Fed'l Gov't and Leftists

Fed'l Regulations on Bikeways, Walkways, & Mixed Land Use


Term Limits Needs Changing//New GOP Speaker of House Says

Hearings on J'boro Vision 2030 Draft Press Release

UN Agenda 21 Promoting Global Energy Redistribution Worldwide - Let to Editor

Re:  AR SJR1 of 2012 History of Con Con  by Rapert -Scary


UN Agenda 21 - Downtown Jonesboro "Revitalization" Failed - 66 Businesses Closed or Moved

Hidden Agenda - The way federal money is being used locally

Open Letter to City Council on Meeting on Designation of CDBG  Grant


North Litle Rock, AR Mayor Patrick Hays is ICLEI President

Expenditures from Jonesboro CDBG Grant 2013

Transcript of City Council Discussion on CDBG Grant


Democrats Missing In Action - Refuse to Answer Family Council Survey


Jon Hubbard's Full Article on Race Relations

Arkansas GOP Passed  

Resolution Opposing

Agenda 21 Unanimously

Agenda 21 Dispute in Jonesboro Sun Newspaper- Control, Cars & Houses


Links to UN Agenda 21 & Jonesboro Visison 2030

More States & Counties Opposing Agenda 21

Support Jonesboro Chief of Police Michael Yates - Re: Chavis Carter Death

List of Evidence for Chavis Carter Suicide - Handcuffed in Police Car in Jonesboro, AR


Jonesboro Police Dept

Report on Chavis Carter Suicide

Republican National  Committee  Passed a Resolution Against Agenda 21,Sustainable Dev. & Smart Growth

AR Governor  Beebe Appoints "Married" Homosexual to State Bd. of Ed. - 2 Letters to Editor

T-Party Presentation:

Dan Burden, J'boro and Behind the Green Mask


Agenda 21 - Jonesboro Using Advice of Radical Environmentalists  Dan Burden in the 2030 Vision Plan


Book Behind the Green Mask:  U.N. Agenda 21 Is  More Radical than Ultra Conservatives' Description


AR Gov Beebe Appoints "Married" Homosexual to State Bd. of Education

Beebe & Democrats Using Propaganda -  Arkansas Is Not 5th in Education

Letter to Obama from 20 Senators Opposing His Immigration Decree For Students Up To 30 Years in Age

World War III - A Different Kind of War -

Are we In It Now?

Help John Cooper Win Against Butch Wilkins

Support Jon Hubbard, Boldest Legislator in AR

Transcribed Speeches of GOP Jon Hubbard and Dem Harold Copenhaver

Representative Butch Wilkins Speech at Farm Bureau Forum (transcribed)

Rep Homer Lenderman on Paul Harrell Radio Program -  Sees  No Gloom & Doom.

Senator Thompson Speech at Farm Bureau Forum (transcribed)

AG Dustin McDaniel Refuses Rep. Hubbard's Request for AG Opinion On UA Illegal Alien Event

UA Chancellor Promotes Lawlessness-Rep Hubbard Objects

Chancellor's $250,000 Bonus - Illegal Aliens Do Get Earned Income

Agenda: Grinding America Down DVD - Summary of how Communist Have Reached Their Goals

Agenda: Grinding America Down DVD - Transcript of Beginning

Obama's EPA Regulations

Attacking Farmers    -  Wicker's E-Newsletter

New EPA Rule Invades Our Home, Adding 10-15% Additional Costs.

Greenberg Slams Jon Hubbard For Asking McDaniel About His

Hispanic Website

Masterson & Letters Defend Hubbard on McDaniel's Hispanic Website

Debt Ceiling Update, Contact Inf. & Voting Record, July 20, 2011

Broadway's Past Ethics Problem/Why Broadway Not Right for AR Director of Higher Ed

AR AG Dustin McDaniel Calls GOP Jon Hubbard Uncivil, Insulting, and an Embarrasment Over McDaniel's Hispanic Website

Beebe cuts out GOP member of Redistricting Board

EPA Compliance Will Cost One Electric Company $6 to $8 Billlion and 600 Jobs

Rebuttal to AR GOP Representative Charlie Collins on Hispanic District

Rebuttal to AR GOP Chair on Hispanic Majority District

AR Dems Killed Photo ID Bill That 75% Nationwide Support

Conservative Legislation Blocked in Committee by Democrats  Again and Again in 2011 Legislative Session

Beebe's AR Model for Obamacare Approved by the Feds

AR Gov't Salaries Skyrocketed & 2011 Legislature Increased Budget by $117 Million

Two AR Bills To Implement  Obamacare in Arkansas HB2138 &  SB880

Vote On Bill To Stop Obamacare in AR - Voting Record

AR Gov't Salaries Skyrocket to 20% & 30% While  AR Median Household Income Plummets from $41,000 to $35,000

Six Bills Sponsored by Rep Web Will Increase Gas Prices Exponentially

Three Arkansas Congressmen Challenge "Anchor Baby" Interpretation.  Wow!

Every Republican Should Co-sponsor the Illegal Alien Bill in Arkansas

WOW! Beebe Admits  Illegal Aliens Do Get Benefits!

36 Sponsors On  Illegal Alien HB 1292 by Hubbard

Hispanic Population Skyrockets in Arkansas - New US Census

Gov Beebe & other Dems Vote For Obama Care - Acting Like Washington Democrats

Beebe Flanked by Environmentalists (Picture) signs legislation

What  All The Bikeways Are Really About

Streets Breed Crime & Social Problems; Bikeways Are the Solution, Bikers Say.

Jonesboro MPO Draft  Plan Quotes - Bikeways, Walkways, Transit, Equity

What You Can Do On J'boro MPO Plan

Congressional candidatate Chad Causey Linked to Radical  Islamist

J'boro Cand. for Alderman Wants Us To Ride Bikes, Not Cars

Can you Believe AR GOP Legislators Voted For These Bills?

Voting Records on Global Warming Bills In AR

Picture of Gov. Beebe & Obama You Gotta See

J'boro Joan Cash' Voting Record, one of worst in the state - See Her Global Warming Dream Car

How Obama and Ar Gov. Beebe Are Weaning Us Off Cars

Broadway for Lt Gov Voting Record  -  Zero Energy Dream Home

31 Reasons To Defeat Broadway for Lt. Gov


Broadway's Global Warming Legislation 32nd reason to defeat

Picture Beebe & Broadway flanked by environmentalists signing  legislation


National and International Curriculum Implemented with NCLB & Obama's Stimulus Money

Boozman Voting Record #1

Boozman Voting Record #2 - Compare Your Votes

With Boozman's

Boozman voted for several Free Trade Agreements

Let to Ed  - Ken James Testimony on International Standards

Pastor Letter  - Two ballot initiatives 2008


Picture of T-Party IRS Protest


Tea Parties in Arkansas 2010 & Jonesboro Flyer


Ethanol Policy Threatens

To Starve the World


The Other Side of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul


The Republican Dilemma /Beat Hillary or Save the Party


Colorado DumpsTouch Screen Voting  - Back to Paper


Huckabee Alienates GOP in Arkansas/Washington Times


Bills Passed/Failed AR Leg. Session 07 from Conservative Viewpoint


Three more articles on Romney


Why It Would Be Difficult To Vote For Romney


State of Education under Huckabee, Part II


State of Education in AR under Huckabee


Grassroots movement, not the Presidential Election, is the  is the Hope of  Conservatives


Lists of links to articles revealing Mike Huckabee's liberal nature


AR NAEP Scores Have Fallen/ ADE & Media  Still Claim Significant Achievement


Time to Heed Advice  - Get Gov't out of Education


One journalist publishes

truth on AR test scores


Illegals fleeing states enacting immigration laws./AR Gov. needs to act now


How much influence does Mexican Consul Have with AR AG?


Illegals/ Dem Gaz Wins Prize/Holt Wins More Coveted Prize



AR remediation rate shocks Gov. Huckabe



Why You Should Oppose

Animal ID (Computer  Chips)


Holt  - Media Excerpts  After Primary Victory


Lt. Gov. candidates differ on

3.2 BILLION in spending


Postcard #24 to Legislators $107 million gift to ADE/6:00 am to 6:30 pm bus rides at Elaine


ADE Commissioner Spins Low

Test Scores  



Attorney General Opinion on

Library Books at Fayetteville


Test Inflation by AR  ADE


Highway Bond Proposal

Myths and Facts


Illegal Alien Issues



AR  Leg. Session 05/ - Voting  Records  on Family



Voting Record  For State Senators

Individual Legislator Votes Score

Voting Record  For State Senators

Voting Record  For State Representatives

Ratings of  All Arkansas Congressional  Members by Special Interest Groups

Why Republican Bisbee Lost Senate Pro Tempore Vote

Convicted School Official Randall Fischer Lands Job in  AR  With Facilities Committee


Arkansas Facilities Scam Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


Errors on Arkansas Facilities Assessment Report


Arkansas Facilities Scam Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


Errors on Arkansas Facilities Assessment Report


Arkansas Facilities Follies  - $4 billion on bricks and mortar


AR One of Nine States that Allow Gay Surrogacy  - AR a Magnet for Entire Nation


$20,000 a year is cost of low skill immigrant household to taxpayers..


$163 million state figure for education and imprisonment of illegal aliens is inaccurate


Hidden Agenda for Changing History Standards in AR


Other  GOP's Oppose Amnesty/Arkansas GOP Supports it

Library Porn in Fayetteville AR School Library

Summaries of Twenty Shocking School Library Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Summaries of Thirty-Five More Shocking School Library Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas

 Kentucky/Failed Reforms

Sign the Petition Opposing Pornographic Library Books

Attorney General's Opinon

on Library Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Homosexual Problems and Same Sex Marriage 

One Hundred Studies on

" Consolidation A Good Idea???"


Comparison of Voting Records for Lt. Gov. Candidates


Long Bus Rides in Arkansas -Many Schools Have 3 Hour Rides and Some Close to 4


Test Scores in 06 11 pts lower than in 1990.


Asa not Beebe  is Friend of Rural Ed.  - Beebe & Argue

say No to Distance Learning


NAEP Test Scores  - Did We Win The Olympics or Bomb It?


OBE Alive in Arkansas


Rural School and Community Trust Report

 Course Offered/Sm Schs.

The Real  Agenda Behind the Consolidation Plan  

Senator Lincoln Ratings by Conservative Groups


AR NAEP Score Scam 2005  - Fact vs Fiction


CONSOLIDATION  - A Vital Step To Government Control of  Education and the Economy 


National Plot In 40 States For Court Ordered Educational Reform -Ohio Resists and Has Better Scores Than


Man has no nobler function than to defend the truth  - Ruth McKnney - Not a link


Six ADE Executives Control Education in Arkansas, Not the Legislators


ADE Trumps Legislature  - Hires Questar Testing Co.

Businessmen in AR  Want  Nationally Normed Test

ADE Trumps Legislature  - Hires Questar Testing Company

Arkansas Test Scores from 1987 to 2003 in Table Form With Amount of Money Spent


Why Test Scores Are Lower Now Than Before Accountability Law

(After Billions Wasted)


Arkansas Bombs NCLB Accountability Standards ADE Says Bad Means Good????


Summary and Complete Text of  Act 1467 (HB 2697)


Transcript of  Ray Simon's Explanation of  AR Act 1467


ADE Director Ray Simon Gives False Information About Test Scores


ADE Present deceptive test Scores


ADE Sabotages Legislative Efforts  -ADE Doesn't Like Grades/ Tests that Compare


Ray Simon Nomination for Deputy Director to US Education Secretary  - Cause For Concern 

5 largest schs spent more above state average than did the  100 smallest  schools.

Test Scores & Memos

1984-85 & 1998-1995 (ADE)


Test Scores 1984-85 and

1998-85 without memos


Huckabee's Proposed Education Plan  - 2003


Huckabee Quotes on Education Then and Now


Huckabee Quotes on Lake View as basis of consolidation compared to Quotes from Lakeview court case


Republicans Running Away from Social Issues  - Illogicall


Hate Crime  - Rebuttal to Senator Lincoln's email


Bible Verses Not Exempt from Hate Crime Bill


ERA  -  homosexual/ abortion agenda


IBO  - Jonesboro Backs Off IBO Program


IBO  - Jonesboro/Texarkana Scores Compared


IBO  - Jonesboro/Hot Springs Graduation Rates Compared


IBO  - NLR West Sch

Scores Compared to State


Temp  -  Number of Illegals Decline 11% in Last Ten Months


Unattached Equipment Assessment  - More Taxes!


Arkansas Act 1467  - The Omnibus  Bill  and NCLB Bill


Summary and Complete Text of  Act 1467 (HB 2697)


What does immigration vote mean and what next?


US Immigration Facts Ignored by the Media


Jackson Tenn Magnet Schools Scores


Little Rock & Arkansas Magnet School Failures


American  Library Association  Supports Porn


Pre-K Is Over-Hyped

Several topics


Comparison of Jim Holt and Baker Voting Records


Online Newspapers in Arkansas Website Addresses


School deletes IB name from web to deceive


Halter & Arkansas Times Exemplify Psychological Projection


Illegal Aliens  - Shocking Fact Sheet


Homosexuals give 100%

ratings to 138 corporation


ADE Director Ken James Article on Education Reform  Qualifies as Propaganda


Halter gets 2% of contrib - utions from Arkansas


Halter gets less than 3% ofcontributions from AR


 Why You Should Oppose Animal ID Plan by NAIS and USDA


Holt  - Press Release on Voting Record


45 Schools Closed  - 144 Mile Bus Route


State Sch Bd Mteg  - A

Surreal Experience


Halter's Lies Refuted by Women's Prayer/Action Group


Animal ID  - Plan for  Comp. Chip in All Animals


Opposition to IB & Magnet School


Presentation/ by Pelley to Jonesboro Sch. Bd.


ERA  - Schlafly Testimony in AR Transcribed


25 reasons to oppose AR hate crime bill


Hate Crime Bill  - 5 reasons to oppose


ERA Sponsors & Contact Information


ERA Facts


Huckabee closest to Hillary of all Republican Candidates


Huckabee's pro illegal alien agenda Unbelievable!


Twin City Banks, Little Rock/  issuing ID cards to Illegal Aliens


5 Yr. Imprisonment law for Assisting Illegals


Why Magnet Schools Fail!


Join the ARRA, a Wing of the Republican Party that Opposes Amnesty


Open Letters 1 & 2  to Senator Argue/Deceptive Test Scores # 1 & 2 (links to  almost every other article on testing)


CNN Lou Dobbs/ Worst Insane Provisions of Immigration Bill


Taxpayer Rip-Off/ Advanced Placement Courses



Why Huckabee Wants Input of Milken Award  Teachers


Do you want this man for Lt. Gov.   - 8 things you should know about Halter



Sullivan Campaign Card Cooper - Sullivan campaign card quote.htm


Sullivan Campaign Card